Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Release Day!
Until We Meet Again by KD Robichaux
A Standalone Romantic Suspense Novella

Bounty hunters Justin, Kenton, and Nico did their job—catching and putting away the trafficker who had been kidnapping young women all over the state of Tennessee. But with all the money the bastard made from selling women as sex slaves, and lawyers as dirty as his bank accounts, Javier Flores was set free.

Frustrated and out of options, the Nashville boys call me, Brian Glover, a BDSM club owner and mercenary.

After a couple of difficult missions, I’m ready to get back to what I’m good at—eliminating bad guys and making it look like an accident. Plus, I’ll jump at any chance to spend time with Clarice, my best friend with benefits who meets me on all of my jobs. 

Will this be the mission Clarice finally admits she wants more than friendship? Or will I have to wait… Until We Meet Again?

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Gails Review
Omg I am soooooooo loving Brian & Clarice!!❤️. They are absolutely perfect for each other!!! I can’t wait till we get there HEA... it’s a slow but sexy adventurous wait... I know it coming... I loved seeing Nico from ARR’s until series in this book... I have the underground series ARR did but haven’t read those yet...
I can’t wait for more Brian & Clarice!!!

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