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The Unacceptables MC Series is made up of steamy, gritty, standalone romances focusing on the Unacceptables Motorcycle club! From the presidents of the chapters, to their swoon-worthy club members, to the old ladies that are the backbone of the club - this series has it all, with tons of characters that will rev your engine while melting your heart, keeping you turning those pages... So, grab your e-reader and get your heart racing while falling in love with this amazing group of hard-core bikers and their entire family as they take you on one hell of a wild ride!

The compilation includes:
Along with never before released novella: Untamed
And bonus, follow up chapters from all the Unacceptables' characters you're dying to hear from again!


About the Author:

I am just an average twenty-something following my dreams. I have a full time “day job” and by night I am an author. I guess you could say that writing is like my super power (I always wanted one of those). I am the lover of wine, sushi, football and the ocean; that is when I am not wrapped up in the literary world.

Please feel free to contact me to chat about my writing, books you think I’d like or just to shoot the, well you know.

A portion of all my royalties are donated to The Marcie Mazzola Foundation.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Title: Spark
Author: S.L. Scott
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
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One break is all The Crow Brothers need and we’re about to get it.
Johnny Outlaw, rock legend and lead singer of The Resistance, is here to watch us play. But he’s not the only familiar face in the crowd—killer little body, heart-shaped face, and drop-dead gorgeous.
Hannah Nichols sitting at the bar makes it hard to concentrate, sparks already reigniting. The beauty was never a groupie and tonight she’s not here to catch our show. She came to drop a bomb. “You have a son.”
She underestimated me. I’ll prove to my son, and her, that I can be the dad he needs.
What is it about musicians? Why are they so damn sexy?
My heart was Jet Crow’s the moment he opened his sexy mouth and sang that first song. One stolen night with that man would never be enough, but I’m not here to fall into his bed. Again. I’m here to fight for custody of a son he’s never known.
There’s just one problem. Those sparks between us have become flames. If we’re not careful we’re both going to get burned.

Title: Spark
Author: S.L. Scott
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 22, 2018
Cover Design: RBA Designs


Jet Crow
Subtle scents of cinnamon mix with the taste of whiskey on her skin. I lick her from collarbone to the back of her ear, her moans enticing me to take more than a gentle share of what I want.
I’m well past hooking up with groupies, but something drew me to the beautiful brunette. Under the bright spotlight of that stage, my eyes found hers as I sang about finding the missing piece of me. Maybe it was the way she pretended to not care, catching my eyes and then turning away as if she was too shy to come speak to me, but too good to be bothered. It didn’t matter. I was already caught up in her as much as she was caught up in me.
The set ended and I made my way over to the mystery woman, the one who hid in the dark of the bar just as two shots were served. I took the shot of Fireball and then took her home shortly after.
Fuck. She feels good.
Hard little body, but soft in all the right places. Tits that fill my large hands and legs that spread enough for me to squeeze between her thighs. I bet she wouldn’t reach my shoulders in heels. Speaking of, “Keep them on.”
I like the feel of the leather against my lower back, the hard heel scraping across my skin when she tries to power play me by tightening around my waist and pulling me closer. I didn’t ask her to my bedroom. I didn’t have a chance. What started out as laughing while we shared a two a.m. snack of Cheetos, hummus, and whiskey turned into me eating her as a snack on top of my kitchen counter. I don’t ever do that with a one-nighter, but damn if she didn’t make me want to break more rules with her.
She kisses me like a woman in need of water, taking as much as she wants while pressing her heels into my ass. The heat between us emanates until I’m dragging my shirt off to try to cool down.
I knew she was different the moment she opened her mouth back at the bar. “You sing rock with so much soul. Who hurt you?”
“No one gets close enough to do me any harm.”
“That’s a pity.”
“It’s a pity I’ve never been hurt?”
“No, it’s a pity you’ve never loved anyone enough to get hurt.”
My heart started beating for what felt like the first time as I looked into her sultry eyes. I could blame the booze, but I can’t lie to myself. She had me thinking twice on things I never considered once before.
Who was this woman?
Even with our stomachs full, we weren’t satisfied. She dragged me by the belt down the hall to my bedroom. Her clothes were off and mine quickly followed before we tumbled into bed.
Fast. I want to fuck her fast and hard, but every time our eyes connect there’s such sadness found in her grays that I slow down. Wanting her to hold contact, I cup her cheek. “Hannah?”
Her eyes slowly open, the long lashes framing the lust I find between them. “What?” she asks between heavy breaths.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m good.”
“Just making sure.”
She runs her hands up my neck and into the back of my hair. “I’m sure.” Pulling me down to her, our mouths are just a few inches apart when she whispers, “I want you. I want to do this.”
Shy isn’t something I’d call her considering we were in my bed two hours after meeting. I like a woman who knows what she wants. Hannah knows. And fuck if it isn’t a turn on that she wants me.

About The Author:
Living in the capital of Texas with her family, Scott loves traveling and avocados, beaches, and cooking with her kids. She's obsessed with epic romances and loves a good plot twist. Her favorite color is blue, but she likens it more toward the sky than the emotion. Her home is filled with the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and finds surfing a challenge though she likes to think she's a pro.

Lonely Hearts Release Boost!

Title: Lonely Hearts
Author: Llliana Rose
Series: The Clockwork Mysteries Book 4
(Can be read as a standalone)
Genre: Steampunk Romance

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Vickie is kept busy with her private eye business. Her success depends on solving personal mysteries and helping clients, but she has too many cases and is overloaded. Her work is consuming her day and night, and she pushes her husband George away, putting her passion for her work ahead of her relationship.
George gives her an ultimatum.
The tension with George, the stress of attempting to solve a case, might prove to be too much for Vickie.
Vickie loves her work, and when helping people, she finds it becomes hard to say no.
Can she balance both in her life?


Vickie had her mind on so many cases the details were getting mixed up. She needed a break. Her business was only just starting, so there was no way she would indulge in a break so soon.

A blast of cold air made her shiver as she looked out into the darkening evening. No one was there.

Weird. Vickie had seen someone, but in the short time she’d taken to get to the front door the woman had disappeared. Vickie hadn’t heard the front gate open or close. She stepped out, looking up and down the street as best she could. It wasn’t that safe to be out after dark, so she shrugged her shoulders and went back inside. She had the last bit of book work to do, then George should be home very soon, and well, she was disappointed how tired she now felt and that it could mean to a very easy night.

Voices filtered down the hallway.

Vickie paused at her office.

The words were muffled.

Curiosity spiked, she padded down the passage. The servants were always disciplined and kept out of her way. She never caught them whispering or talking. Not like this.

Maybe George came home early?

If he had, she was disappointed he hadn’t come and seen her. Though, she had a client up until about an hour ago—Katherine. She shook her head, unsure how she was going to help the woman. She was pretty sure her daughter, Leesa, was living it up at university, or maybe had gone off with a boyfriend and didn’t want her mom to know. There were so many possibilities, none of them untoward, that Vickie was beginning to convince herself that it was only a misunderstanding. Vickie’s stomach clenched tight, muscles pulling on each other as she walked down the hallway. She ignored the discomfort, refocusing on the voices in the kitchen. One was familiar. She couldn’t quite hear what was being said, and for some reason, it annoyed her.

Vickie crept closer to the kitchen door, slowing down her pace so she could hear what was being said.

“We will marry,” a young female voice spoke softly, yet there was determination behind what she was saying.

“No,” James answered back.

At least I’ve found where James is.

She took one more step with the intent to lean her ear against the door, but the floorboard creaked.


A noise like a scurry in the kitchen distracted her for a moment before she came to her senses and pushed on the door.

“Who’s in here?” she demanded. Vickie didn’t like the idea of having visitors in her home who she didn’t know. She trusted her servants, but things tended to go wrong when there were extras invited, and that was then when the jobs weren’t done, like the front door not being answered.

James jumped as Vickie burst into the room. “Just me.”

Vickie stopped in the doorway, holding open the door. “I heard another voice.”

There was no one else in there.

Cautiously, she stepped further into the large kitchen, peering around the center counter where most of the food was prepared. No one was hiding between that space. She walked around it to make sure.

“Well, it’s just me in here, ma’am.”

“I know what I heard James.” Her voice was sharp. She might not be able to see anyone here, but she was certain there had been a woman’s voice.

“Sorry, ma’am, just me.”

Vickie noticed his face burned red and he looked uncomfortable like he’d been busted doing something he shouldn’t be doing. She tried to make a mental note to keep an eye on James and to investigate what he was up to.

“Where’s the cook?” inquired Vickie, not wanting to let James off the hook without trying to get more information.

“Cellar.” James sought to keep a blank expression, but his eyes flickered to the back door of the kitchen, then to Vickie.

Vickie casually moved to the door and opened it. She peered out, but no one was out there. She sighed with frustration.

I wasn’t quick enough.

Vickie was just about to say that she didn’t believe him when the cook entered the room, holding a dusty bottle of red.

“Mr. Wenderlen’s request,” said the cook. “Dinner’s a little late. Sorry. But will be ready in half an hour.”

Vickie’s mind flooded with questions. At least James wasn’t lying about the cook being in the cellar. Though she was annoyed George was back, and James hadn’t told her.

He’s getting sloppy his job.

“Is George back?” She raised an eyebrow at James who she directed the question to.

“Yes,” said James. “He’s freshening up, and sent word for you to meet him in the dining room.”

“Bugger that.” Vickie stormed out of the room. How dare George come home and not try and see her? She was going to have a word or two with him. She marched up the stairs, holding her skirts up a little so as not to trip.

Vickie burst into George’s room. “Why didn’t you come see me?”

George looked up, shock on his face as he stood there, naked, holding a clean shirt in hand. Steam rose behind the screen, and his skin glistened.

I could do with a bath.

She was a little jealous George had the time for such an indulgence. She was struggling to find time to do her self-defense training, let alone unwind or pamper herself.

“Darling, I wanted to surprise you.”

“You know I don’t cope with surprises.”

“You’ve been working so hard, I thought you deserved a break and some… enjoyment.”

“I’ve not been working that hard.” Vickie folded her arms across her chest.

I’ve barely gotten into the three cases, no four, hang on there might be one more…

“You’ve worked longer hours than me today.”

He had a point. Vickie hated it when he was right, but she wasn’t about to admit it. She glared at George. She couldn’t help think he was looking rather hot. Standing there naked, slightly angry at her, his chest had a definition she’d not noticed before, and when he breathed in, there was a hint of a six-pack. Her eyes flowed down along the carved muscles over his hips, to his groin, where his cock was thickening. Her annoyance of him not seeing her when he got home dissipated, suddenly seeming irrelevant. Her fingers tingled wanting to explore his body. Her lips wanted to wet them against his. Moisture flowed from her pussy, hot and wet. No matter how much she reconnected with him, it was never enough, and she always wanted more. They still had time to make up for those few years where they had grown apart.

“You been working out?”

George laughed, but it wasn’t a happy sound, more like a scoff. “It’s taken you this long to realize?”

Vickie swallowed hard, feeling the hurt behind his words. “I’m seeing it now, and I like what I see.” She tilted her head to the side soaking in his features once more, his biceps were thicker and his thighs strong and firm with muscles.

How could I have not have noticed this before? And when did he have the time to work out?

“You did this for me?”

“Hell, there’s no one else I’d go working out at the gym for.” He moved to put on his white dinner shirt.

Other books in the series:

Book 1: Change of Heart

Book 2: Heart of Gold

Book 3: Heart's Desire

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Author Bio:

Lilliana has poems, short stories, and novels with various Indie presses in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. She enjoys world building and creating characters for these unusual worlds. Check out more of her work at and as an Amazon Author and her blog on life wanderings and wanderlust,  CafĂ© Pondering
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Brought to you by ….

Title: Thief
Series: Boston Underworld #5
Author: A. Zavarelli
Genre: Dark Romance

Release Date: February 23, 2018


I’m a good girl.

I live by a code
that can’t be bent or broken. It is my duty to my family to stay innocent and
pure. To marry an Italian man. The stars are already aligned.

But Nikolai Kozlov
re-writes my destiny with five simple words.

You belong to me

He's Russian mafiya.
A thief. A skilled liar with no moral boundaries. He is everything I have
been taught to hate. A man who stands for nothing. A man who takes what he
wants without a second thought.

And what he wanted
was me.

He thinks he
controls my fate, but what he doesn’t know is, sometimes it’s the good girls
you have to watch out for. 

I’m a dangerous man.

I live by a code.
The Vory code. It is my duty to my family to protect the brotherhood. To
destroy anyone who threatens what we stand for, including her.

She’s a dancer. A
beautiful little doll. My prisoner, and my new favorite puppet. This mafia
princess thinks she has me under her spell, but in the end, she is simply

It’s a shame to
destroy precious things.

But this is what bad
men do.

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The first thing I always notice about a person is their
posture. I was raised to believe that good posture conveys good manners, as
well as respect for those around you. Nikolai carries his posture like a casual
‘f#ck you’ to everyone around him. There is no decorum in his leather jacket,
jeans, or his haphazardly laced motorcycle boots. Everything he wears is black,
but the small glimpse of skin beneath is a riot of colors. Tattoos cover every
inch of his exposed skin, including his throat.
I’m not sure which is more offensive- the ink or the faux
hawk atop his head. This is not the way you attend a ballet, nor is he the type
of man I expect my father to keep company with.
“Tanaka.” He reaches for my hand and kisses it in a way that
few men would ever dare to do in my father’s presence. “You dance beautifully.”
The words are unmistakably accented. Russian. And I’m
struggling to maintain my composure while making sense of this situation. My
father has always been protective of me. His own men know better than to speak
to me or look at me, but for this stranger, somehow, it’s okay.

My manners, at least, are still intact, so I reply as I should. “You’ve seen me

Nikolai flashes a boyish smile in contrast to the deepness
of his blue-green eyes. “I like to invest my time in the arts.”

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Author Bio

A. Zavarelli is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling

She likes all things chocolate, books that come with warnings, and putting her
characters through hell. Her tales have been known to flirt with darkness and
sometimes court it unabashedly altogether. Revenge themes and tortured souls
are her favorites to write and this gives her an excuse to watch bizarre and
twisted documentaries in her spare time.

She currently lives in the Northwest with her lumberjack and an entire brood of
fur babies. 

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