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Monica James 


Monsters are real…and that monster is my father. 

Ten years ago, I surrendered. I thought I was doing the right thing. But lies and greed have once again destroyed my life, leaving me to deal with the aftermath.

This life has always been a curse, but the world as I know it has changed. Belfast isn’t what it used to be. 

Alliances are broken. Kingdoms have fallen. But those who remain loyal see me as their rightful king. 

With secrets unraveled, my need for vengeance grows stronger every day. However, ten years is a long time. People have changed. I have changed. But the one thing that remains untouched is my love for Babydoll—I love her…even if she doesn’t feel the same. 

I will take back what’s mine. 

My kingdom. 

My name. 

And my girl. 

Every monster is scared of somethin’…and that somethin’ is me.

No more hiding in the shadows because I’m huntin’ you…Father. 

Run, wee monsters, run.



Into Temptation 

Series: Book II: Deliver Us from Evil Trilogy

Genre: Dark Romance 

Cover Model: Lochie Carey @lochie_carey

Photographer: Michelle Lancaster @lanefotograf

Cover Designer: Sommer Stein—Perfect Pear Creative Covers 


Release date: April 28th



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Monica James spent her youth devouring the works of Anne Rice, William Shakespeare, and Emily Dickinson.

When she is not writing, Monica is busy running her own business, but she always finds a balance between the two. She enjoys writing honest, heartfelt, and turbulent stories, hoping to leave an imprint on her readers. She draws her inspiration from life. 

She is a bestselling author in the U.S.A., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, and the U.K.

Monica James resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her wonderful family, and menagerie of animals. She is slightly obsessed with cats, chucks, and lip gloss, and secretly wishes she was a ninja on the weekends. 



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Riley (Shattered Souls MC book 4) by Heather Dahlgren

Releasing March 26th

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When I met Riley Giddens I never expected this incredibly sexy man with colorful tattoos, smoldering eyes, and muscular body to own my heart. He’s part of Shattered Souls MC and they are trouble. Riley is careless in life, heartless in bed, and twenty years my senior. Still, I can’t stay away. I’m sucked in by his deep voice, demanding touch, and possessive ways.

When Federal Agent McKay shows up at my door, I’m up against a wall. I'm too deep into a world I want to avoid. Riley promises me he’ll handle it. He’ll keep me safe at all costs. This protective side of him only draws me in deeper and scares me more.

He’s in danger. Dealing with a dirty federal agent is one thing. Doing it without the knowledge of your club is something else entirely.

Riley’s need to protect me just might destroy us all in the end.

Author Bio -

Heather Dahlgren writes Fiction Romance, sprinkling each book with a bit of humor, a lot of naughty and true love. She self-published her first book in 2014 and continues to do so today. Her over active mind promises the stories are in no short supply.

Heather grew up and still resides at the Jersey shore. She loves being so close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pine Barrens. She is surrounded by the best of both worlds.

She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three kids. There is nothing more important in the world to her than her family.

When Heather isn’t writing you can find her getting lost in a great book, spending time with family and helping her fellow authors.

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Grab this scorching, fast-paced, MC romance today!

One day.
One moment.
That’s all it takes for your life to shake on its foundations.

When Daniele catches her boyfriend cheating, it jumpstarts a turmoil of events. A straight forward biker ups her standards when he steps in and gives her what she needs to move on.

Jace didn’t expect a woman to slip underneath his skin until he meets a feisty doctor. Determined to hit the pause button on life, he makes sure to leave an unforgettable impression before they’re forced to part ways.

The moment you pull the trigger, there’s no stopping the bullet; all you can do is brace for impact. Collide with the world of Trigger Pull MC, where an encounter with a rugged biker will inevitably change your life.

JACE is a standalone short story, the prequel of the Trigger Pull MC series with a bonus HEA epilogue.

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*Limited Time Only March 25 – 29, 2021*

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

 Release Date: March 25

Fake relationships have no place in an adult’s life.
Until they do.

It was one kiss.

One trick to convince her ex she’s in a happy relationship.

One kiss is all it took.

Captivated isn’t a strong enough word.

Haunted is a little closer.

Obsessed fits the bill.

I’m obsessed with Reagan Dunn.

Only Reagan isn’t looking for that happy relationship.

Until she needs me to pretend again.

Pretending is perfect.

Pretending gets me closer.

It gives me the opportunity to prove that we are the perfect combination.

Grab Your Copy Here:
Free in KU 

Meet Marie James

Let's see...where to begin...

I'm inching up on the BIG 4-0. The gray hairs are doubling what seems like daily, and the wrinkles and laugh lines are more pronounced than ever.

I have an amazing husband (Married just over 15 years.)

We have two boys we're doing our best to raise as respectful gentleman.

I have a master's degree in criminal justice which I used to work as a juvenile probation office until deciding to write full-time in June of 2019. So that means there's usually always some criminal/law element to my novels.

If I'm not writing; I'm reading.

My favorite genres recently are bully/reverse harem and enemies to lovers. Maybe I'm reliving my traumatic teen years through the girls who actually end up with the boys. (Not that I would change my history since it's gotten me exactly where I need to be!)

I love coffee. I miss carbs. Music is LIFE. I try not to be too serious.

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Gails Review

Yet again.. Marie you have managed to blow me away.. I just knew I was going to love Jinx & Reagan!! I also think Jinx just jumped up to Numero Uno for my FAVE Cerberus Guy!! I loved the meet these two had... Reagan is desperate.. she needs away from her Ex that just showed up.. without thinking it thru she plants a big one on our boy Jinx.. praying he goes with it.. but when little Elijah calls him Daddy... and he goes with that..... SWOON.. Heart Melts.. Ovaries EXPLODE..

Reagan has had a ruff few years.. when one daddy wants nothing to do with her or the baby when she tells him.. and the other realizes he's gay.. our poor girl.. Jinx is watching all his brothers find love.. and he is now realizing he wants that too... so when Reagan this stranger and absolutely beautiful woman lays one on him in the store.. put a fork in him... he is DONE...

Like I say all the time.. Marie you knocked it out of the park with this one.. and that ending with Thumper... OMFG!! I neeeeeeeeeed that....


Title: Off Track
Series: Nashville Fury, Book 2
Author: Chelle Sloan

Contemporary Romance; Sports/football romance; Surprise Baby

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage.
I have wished for that saying to come true every day of my life.
But that’s not my reality.

Here is my version:
First comes the blind date with an incredibly sexy football coach.
Then comes the friends with benefits that you know is so wrong but you don’t care because it feels so right.
Then comes the unexpected baby carriage.
At least we got one in order.

Except Davis doesn’t want the same things I do.
I want to fall in love.
He says love isn’t for him.
I want a family.
He has made it clear that a family is not on his agenda.

But babies don’t care about your plans. They come when they are ready. Even if you aren’t.
The same can be said about falling in love.


**The Nashville Fury series is a series of interconnected, standalone, sports romances.**


Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

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“What is the opposite of a gentleman?” I ask. 

Davis doesn’t answer as the bartender takes that opportunity to take our order. Vodka soda for me. Beer for him. As he’s trying to convince the bartender to put the drinks on Hunter’s tab, I take the opportunity to give him a better look. 

His dress shirt is rolled at the sleeves in the way that makes most women, including me, go ga-ga over. His eyes are a fascinating shade of blue that almost looks gray. Then there is his cologne. It’s a combination of a woodsy and manly scent that makes me glad I have to cross my legs in this dress. 

“The opposite of a gentleman,” he says, suddenly pulling me away from my unladylike thoughts. “is a man who just meets a woman and can’t stop looking at her legs, or wondering what they would feel like wrapped around him. The opposite of a gentleman is knowing we are here with our friends, but not being able to wait for the time we can leave. The opposite of a gentleman is wondering how I could know you from just a photo and a few words of conversation, but I already know I’m about to kick my friend’s ass for not introducing us sooner.” 

I reach for my drink that was just put down in front of me, needing the liquid to cool me down. 

What man talks like that? Definitely none I have ever been with. In my quest to find Mr. Right, I have dated douchebags and fuck boys. They tried to talk like Davis just did, but failed epically. Just sending a text saying, “U up?” isn’t the way to lure a woman to bed. Then there were the responsible guys. The ones with 401ks, savings accounts, and square footage with their name on the deed. They definitely never talked like that. 

But Davis? Davis knows what he wants. And apparently, right now, he wants me. Sadie might have said he doesn’t take things too seriously, but I’m guessing that doesn’t mean inside the bedroom. Unless he’s a big talker. But judging by the way he’s looking at me right now—with nothing but fire in his eyes—I would bet all the money I have in my bank account that this man can not only talk the talk, but can also walk the walk. 

This guy isn’t Mr. Forever. This guy has Mr. One Night written all over him. My dreams of this being my last first date are once again crushed.

“Cat got your tongue, princess?”

I ignore the pet name, not having any clue where he came up with it, and take another healthy sip of my drink as I gather courage for what I’m about to say. 

Because I’ve never said it before. 

One night. 

Maybe one night wouldn’t be so bad? At least this time I know what I’m getting into. There wouldn’t be any surprise when I wake up tomorrow morning and he’s already gone, quicker than the afterglow of what I expect would be a phenomenal orgasm—or three.  

And let’s be real, it has been a really long time since anyone has been anywhere near my bed. And definitely not a guy as attractive as Davis. Or with a man who can make my toes curl just with his words. 

Yes! This is perfect. 

I can’t get hurt if I know what I’m getting myself into. This time, I’m in control. Right? 

Well, at least going into it. If the way he’s looking at me right now says anything, I have a feeling he’s going to be in control for most of the night. 

And I don’t hate that. Not one bit. 

“Not at all,” I say as I lean a little closer to him. “I was just thinking I like the fact you’re not a gentleman. Being a gentleman doesn’t sound nearly as fun.” 

He lets out a small laugh. “I’m all about fun.” 

“I like the sound of that.” 

One night. 

No one gets hurt knowing the expectations. What could be the harm in that?

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Spend time with the Nashville Fury
a series of interconnected, standalone sports romances

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Chelle is a contemporary romance author who writes happily ever afters with a lot of love with a little bit of humor mixed in. A native of Ohio, Chelle decided that after a decades-long career in sports journalism, it was time to take a step back. She is currently working on her Master’s degree in journalism and is set to graduate from her program in 2021. She is a diehard Cleveland sports fan, is the owner of way too many, yet not enough, tumblers and will be a New Kids on the Block fan until the day she dies. She also does her best writing at Starbucks, where you can usually find a venti caramel frappucino on her table. As for her own happily every after? Maybe one day… 


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HARD LUCK by #SaraNey
#Free on #KindleUnlimited

Unfortunately, I am not one of those girls. Not when I lost my apartment because my roommate let the lease lapse while I travel for work. Not when my brothers keep finding love and my mother keeps reminding me I’m still single. Not after a one-night stand during my older brother’s wedding has me waking up pregnant.

I have to keep it a secret—from him, and my family. I sure can’t tell my brother his teammate, Mateo Espinoza, is the man I slept with. Confident, funny, Mateo…

Just when I thought I’d found the girl of my dreams, she ghosts me. Worse? Her brother refuses to give me her number, and my calls to her office go straight to voicemail. I thought I was a catch; professional athlete, charming, raised with six sisters—I’m a guy who knows his way to a woman’s heart! What reason could she possibly have for avoiding me?

When I finally catch up to True Wallace, I’m going to get the answer.

Amazon US:
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Amazon AU:


                              ★★★ TEASER REVEAL ★★★

Get ready for an all new enemies-to-lovers duet romance from @laurenrowebooks!
Book 1, Falling Out of Hate with You is coming April 15th!!

BOTH books are available for preorder, with book #2 coming only FOUR DAYS LATER, on April 19th, after the first release!! 

Releasing April 15th!
Falling Out of Hate with You, #1:

Releasing April 19th!
Falling Into Love with You, #2:

I’ve tried to like Adrian Savage, the mercurial frontman for Fugitive Summer, while serving as his band’s opening act on tour. We’re stuck together for three months, after all. And I’m well aware I’m lucky to be here. 

But it’s proved impossible. He’s far too rude and dismissive a guy to get along with. And way too good at getting under my skin. In fact, at this point, I think it’s fair to say I downright hate his guts.

Global thirst trap that he is, though, I’m finding it extremely difficult not to want to jump Savage’s bones, despite how much he infuriates me. I hate myself for it. But my body is going rogue on me. It doesn’t matter, though. I’m determined to resist him. 

In fact, what I’ve decided is that, as long as I’m here and stuck with him, I’m not only going to give Savage the sound tongue lashing nobody else around here has the balls to deliver, I’m going to bring that bad boy to his knees.

#teaserreveal #fallingoutofhate #hateloveduet #preorder #laurenrowe #enemiestolovers #duet #ckprpromo @candikanepr

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𝐼 𝑏𝑒𝑡𝑟𝑎𝑦𝑒𝑑 𝑚𝑦 𝑏𝑒𝑠𝑡 𝑓𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑛𝑑 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑓𝑒𝑙𝑙 𝑖𝑛 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒.

𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐛𝐲 𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐋𝐞𝐞 𝐉𝐮𝐧𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐀𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐥 𝟐𝟐𝐧𝐝!
#reverseharem #mafiaromance #coraleejune #mafiaromance #comingsoon