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Always Series
Author - Kari March
Genre - Contemporary Romance/NA
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K23 Designs

Promise Me Always (Always 1)
Synopsis  -
Blake Bentley had a rough upbringing, never fully believing he was good enough for anything or anyone. After being left with a broken heart by his only girlfriend, Blake swore off relationships for good and turned to the only two things that made him feel sufficient - sex and firefighting. 

Tessa Collins was brought up in the traditional 'perfect' family - loving parents, great sister, and amazing friends. After falling in love with Jared, her life was perfect - until he betrayed her. She has no idea that his betrayal could end up costing her more than just a shattered heart.

Blake and Tessa have been friends since high school. Never wanting to admit their attraction for each other, the two always remained close friends. Now, three years later, Blake and Tessa find themselves being pulled together by a force much greater than friendship. 
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Promise Me Always Excerpt

Four years ago...


You're worthless.
A fucking accident.
You don't deserve shit.
Those words had been resounding in my head my whole life and, right now, they were blaring louder than ever. She was gone and I knew why. She finally saw the truth, she finally realized she was too good for me and that's why she left.
He was right—I wasn't good enough. I never would be.
"Blake, hand me the crescent wrench, would ya?" Devin asked from under the hood of the Bronco, snapping me from my thoughts.
I usually hated hanging out with my brother when he worked on cars, but anything was better than sitting at home alone. At least here I could try to get my mind off of the destruction that was my life.
I handed Dev the wrench and then took a seat in the corner of the garage, popping open my third beer of the day. Devin usually hated it when I drank—he was such a hypocrite. He was drunk every weekend in high school, yet had the nerve to get mad at me when I had one lousy beer. Today, he was making an exception. It was my first weekend without her and he knew I was devastated.
"How's she coming?" Cole asked as he and Shane entered the garage.
Cole was one of Devin's best friends. The carburetor on his Ford Bronco needed to be replaced and Cole didn't let anyone, but my brother, touch his baby. Shane was Cole's neighbor and was always around. He went to school with me but was a senior this year instead of a junior.
"Almost finished, man. She should be good as new once I'm done," Devin replied, his head still buried in the engine.
"Thanks, Dev," Cole said as he took a seat next to me. "So, Blake, how are you holding up?" He asked, slapping me on the back.
I didn't even know how to answer him. I was fucking falling apart, but there was no way I was telling him that. I just shrugged my shoulders and tossed back a large swig of beer.
Maybe if I drink enough, it will numb the pain.
"That bad, huh?" He said as he gave me a pathetic look. "Don't sweat it, man. She's obviously psycho—what kind of person does something like that, anyway?"
Shane started to laugh and, for a moment, all I wanted to do was kick his ass. "You just need to get drunk, find some hot piece of ass, and forget about her," he said nonchalantly from the corner.
If only it were that easy. I didn't know if I would ever be able to forget about her, but getting drunk seemed like the perfect place to start. "Step one – check," I said, as I held my beer can up in the air.
"And it looks like step two just arrived." I heard Devin say with a chuckle, nodding his head down the driveway. "Looks like Palmer brought that hot piece of ass with her."
"Holy shit! I call dibs," Shane said, a little too eagerly. All Shane thought about was sex. He was hornier than Devin. The only difference was that Devin had standards. Shane would screw anything, as long as it was female.
"Hell, that isn't a piece of ass. That's Palmer's little sister!" Cole exclaimed as he stood up. Before he headed their way, he added quietly, "I'm not kidding. She's off limits. Palmer will kill you if you even look at her wrong and then she'll kill me for being friends with you."
I still hadn't even seen the girl they were talking about, not that it mattered. The way I was feeling, a fucking Victoria's Secret model could be walking up the driveway and I wouldn't care. There was only one face I wanted to see and I knew whoever was walking up the driveway—it wasn't her.
I watched as Cole came back into the garage. Palmer was right next to him, his arm draped around her shoulders.
"Hey guys!" Palmer said cheerfully. "Do any of you know my sister?"
Devin finally took his head out of the Bronco and looked up to where I'm assuming Palmer's sister was standing. He looked like a total dumbass, standing there and staring at her with a stupid smile on his face. I looked over at Shane and he was watching her with the same dopy smile as my brother.
"No, we don’t," Devin said, taking a step closer and wiping his hands off on a towel.
"And it's a damn shame. Where have you been hiding her, Palmer?" Shane said, sounding like a complete moron. He was on his feet in no time, looking like he had just won the lottery. I couldn't believe them. They were acting like she was a fucking supermodel or some shit.
Not fucking caring who her sister was, I dropped my head and looked at the beer can in my hands. I pulled back and forth on the tab until it broke off, furiously flicking it towards the trash can and missing it entirely. With a heavy sigh, I got up and headed over to pick it up.
"Well, Tess, this is Devin, Shane and that angry fella in the back there–that’s Blake. Guys, this is Tessa," Palmer announced.
Not wanting to be a complete jackass, I threw the tab in the trash and turned to say hello. I suddenly understood why Devin and Shane were staring like idiots. All the air left my lungs at the sight of her. She was glowing brighter than the sun in her yellow dress and light pouring in from behind her made her look like an angel. The corners of my mouth turned upward and I realized I was gazing at her like a goddamn fool as well. Shit, she probably thinks we’re all insane. I tried to look away, but I couldn't. I couldn't tell what it was, but there was something special about her. I had never seen anything so beautiful in all my life and then she smiled at me………

Always Yours (Always 2) Synopsis

That was the only word Cam Greer, the son of a wealthy media mogul, had ever associated with women. When he met Amber Murphy his senior year in high school, he felt like, for once, this girl loved him for him. When she pursued her dreams and left Cam behind, Amber not only crushed Cam's heart, she destroyed his future as well. He was left to start his life over, thinking the only woman that would ever truly love him was gone.

 Cara Pratt has finally got her life on track. Ten years after watching her father literally walk out of her life, Cara has finally found happiness with a new stepfather and her high school boyfriend, Lance. Everything is going according to her plan, until a pregnancy test comes back positive. Once again, she finds herself watching the man she loves walk out of her life, taking her future along with him.
When Cam and Cara spot each other across the bar at Maggie’s Place four years later, neither of them are interested in starting a relationship. They're both a little unsure and completely untrusting. They try to fight the intense immediate attraction, realizing right off, the seriousness of their chemistry, but as hard as they try, they can't.
As fate pulls them together, will their mistrust push them apart? As the smoldering embers from their pasts come blazing to the surface, fears are uncovered that neither of them are ready to face.

This is Cam and Cara's story and can be read as a standalone.

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Always Yours Excerpt
14 Years Ago....
Cara I woke up to the muffled sound of my mother's panic-stricken cries. I wiped my eyes and swung my legs over the bed as I looked at the clock—1:19am. Lately, this seemed like a regular occurrence. My parents had been fighting a lot lately. I had spent many nights listening to them from the top of the stairs. My mom was always upset when he would come home late from work. They were always arguing about my dad's boss, Rochelle. I never understood why my mom got so upset—Rochelle was Daddy's boss. He had to do what she said if he wanted to keep his job. One way or another, my parents always made up—my dad would say he was sorry and that was that. But something told me tonight was different—my mom never cried like this before.
Just then I heard my daddy's voice as it drifted up the stairs and into my bedroom.
"Tell her whatever you want to, Maggie. I'm leaving!" I took a deep breath. He sounded angry.
Wait! Where was he going?
He just got home from another stupid business trip. I never got to spend time with him. He was always working. I couldn't even remember the last time he had been home for more than two days. I missed him like any little girl would miss their father and I think he finally noticed. Before he left on this last trip, he had promised me that this weekend he would make it up to me by spending every day with just me. I was so excited to finally get some daddy-daughter time with him that I counted down the days until he returned.
Everything was silent, except the painful sobs of my mother. Quietly, I climbed out of my bed, opened the door and sat down at the top of the stairs so I could hear them better.
Between Mommy's sobs, I heard her softly ask, "How could you do this?"
I heard Daddy expel a loud sigh. "Christ, Maggie, you think I like doing this? You think I like living a lie?" He paused and it got quiet for a second. "Rochelle is pregnant again."
Who cares if she's having a baby? Why did they always fight about her?
"I can't keep living like this, Mags." His voice sounded soft and sad. "I have to make a choice and Rochelle and the girls...they need me more right now."
The girls? Who was he talking about?
"They need you?" Mommy said, her voice turning angry. "What about Cara? She needs you, too!" I put my hands over my ears. Mommy's voice was loud. "I've known about you and Rochelle for years now, but I stayed, for Cara's sake! And now, just because you fucked up again, you're going to run out on her like this—abandon her without even saying goodbye? She deserves more than that from her father!"
Daddy, please don't leave me.
That's when my tummy started to hurt. Frantically, I ran down the stairs—I wanted to go with him.
When I rounded the corner to the living room, I saw my mommy sitting on the floor, her knees pulled into her chest, tears pouring down her face. She looked so sad. My dad was standing by the front door, luggage in hand, as he pushed his fingers through his hair—his face blank.
"Daddy, don't leave!" I cried as I flung myself into his arms. The tears started pouring from my eyes. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.
"I have to, princess. Your mother and I....we...." He sighed. "I have to go." He removed my arms from his waist and turned to the door, opening it slowly.
"Take me with you, please, Daddy! I want to go with you!" I begged as I grabbed hold of his leg for dear life.
He stopped and knelt down in front of me. "You'll always be my little princess, Cara, but right now you have to stay with Mommy." He wiped the tears from my face. "I need some time with..."
"Rochelle?" I choked out. His head fell and he nodded slowly.
"I won't get in the way. I promise! I'll be really good! Please, just take me with you, Daddy!" I cried out. "Don't you want me with you?"
"Of course I want you with me, princess," he said as he placed his hands on my shoulders. "But I can't take you with me. Now, be a good girl and go back to bed. I'll see you again soon." He kissed my forehead and stood back up. Grabbing his suitcase, he walked out the door.
He was really leaving me here. How could he not want me? I was his princess.
Before he could shut it I ran after him. "Daddy! No!" I screamed as my sobs took over. "I'm coming with you!" I followed him down the porch stairs and into the dark. When we got to the car, I opened up the passenger door and got in as he placed his bag in the trunk.
Just as I was buckling my seat belt, I felt my daddy's strong grip around my arm. "That's enough, Cara!" he yelled, startling me. His tone was cold. It scared me. He yanked me out of the car and shut the door. Pain shot through my arm as he squeezed it. Shaking my shoulders, he continued shouting at me. "Stop acting like a baby! You can't come! Go back inside with Mommy and leave me alone!"
His words crushed me. I looked up at him and didn't know who he was—he wasn't my daddy anymore. I could feel it. Rochelle had been slowly taking him away, but now, looking into his unfamiliar eyes, I knew he was completely gone. I sunk down to the ground and pulled my knees into my chest as I rocked back and forth, trying to comfort myself as I watched him get into the car. I looked out into the darkness, staring at the taillights as they disappeared around the corner.
I never saw him again.

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About the Author - (pic attached)
I'm an Amazon bestselling, new adult, contemporary author. I'm a wife, mother of 2 amazing kiddos, photographer and owner at K23 Photography & Design, graphic designer and cover designer at K23 Designs, as well as an avid reader and blogger at A Book Whores Obsession! I have been married since 2004 to the most amazing man ever and together we have two amazing children.
I was born in Aurora, CO and still reside their today with my amazing family. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else in the world. I have become accustom to bi-polar weather living here and I absolutely love getting all four seasons (although winters could be a bit shorter.)
I have a small obsession with Starbucks and gummy bears! They make the perfect writing snack! Wine helps a lot too especially with the late night writing sessions. I love the summer and everything that goes along with it, camping, swimming, boating, hiking, etc. I love to travel and Disneyland is one of my family's favorite places to visit together. I have a dream of visiting so many places in the world such as Italy, Greece, Australia, Fiji, Bora Bora and New Zealand (just to name a few.)
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