Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1st book Take Me for Granted This series has been a journey to say the least. I enjoyed in the first book the fighting the angst and just overall emotions you went through. Grant was this man whore who never really settled down I mean why would he. Girls are at his bedside or even backstage he says drop to your knees and they say OK. But one fateful night he meets Ari and he is confused cause what the hell why is she saying no. But there is something that happens that shocks him the next morning. Cause see Ari is put together she doesn`t need a guy to mess up her plans especially a guy like Grant who thinks all woman want him. By the end of the first book you are left with a major development which makes you think damn K.A. LINDE

2nd book Take Me With You We start off where book 1 ended and at first your like OK this is awesome until things start happening. This to me was where I seen Ari grow from a little girl to a woman. She had so much growth it was absolutely beautiful. Grant though was really falling into the darkness and needed help but couldn't let anyone in. Ari is going to fight even if he can't see how much she is willing to do to keep them together. I loved having this story from Kyla it was dark which to me dealt with something different then I have ever read from her before. If you are a fan of this author you should know she is known for being an angst queen and it is in this book. Contraband is the band and yes ladies they are all hot. They are on tour and its unbelievable how there life has changed. Grant is his own character but he has some qualities as Kellan so if your looking for an amazing bad boy Rocker Grant is your man !!!!!!!! And Ari is a holds no ground get in your face attitude which I love. That to me is what brings a book to life to see the characters make you feel there struggles and banter but also feel as if you are there in there group. ***** FIVE STARS FOR ME

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K.A.Linde is a phenomenal author her ability to write and make you escape is one of my favorite things about her. if you haven't read her other books you should they are simply amazing and have caused alot of different opinions but see this is her and she is the best.

Here's a list of books she has wrote

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