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Eve Cates - Stepsister Devotion

If you're enjoying the latest step sibling craze sweeping kindle users, you're going to love reading Stepsister Devotion, told entirely from the male point of view, it's a tale of love, lust, and of course, secrets...

From the moment we met, we knew there was something. Some invisible force that makes two people want the one thing they can’t have. Our parents saw it too. They kept us apart and treated me like I was some sort of deviant for being attracted to my stepsister. They told me to stay away. They warned me to leave her alone. They just made it worse. It wasn’t me they should have been warning. She was the one pursuing me. Over the years, we’ve stayed connected in secret. It’s been a long drawn out tease. But now it’s the last summer before college, and my father and stepmother have no choice but to have us both in the house at the same time. She wants one summer before her family obligations take over.
But I want all of her. I want to own her body and soul, and I’m not going to stop until she’s mine. I don’t care if she’s my stepsister. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I won’t give her up.


Excerpt -

Faster and faster I swim, my arms and legs, churning through the water as my chest heaves with the effort. I focus on the ache of my body. The breath as I hold it in my chest. It’s always so much harder to be calm here. I don't know why he preferred this, even with all the stuff around; it's the loneliest place I’ve ever been to. And in the quiet, my mind wins. Reaching the end of another lap, I roll my body to change directions and rocket off the side of the pool, propelling myself under the water. Just as I'm about to rise to the surface, a vision appears beneath me. It all happens so fast that it takes a while before my brain catches up with what’s happening, and I swear I’m seeing things. But then a pair of lips press against mine, shocking me into reality as I’m faced with a set of amused blue eyes. I jerk backwards in surprise and plant my feet, standing up in the center of the pool. My chest heaves from exertion and surprise as I wipe my hand over my face and watch as Abi emerges from the water like the lady of the lake, so fucking stunning as she rises from the water, water pouring from her body, running between her round breasts that are covered with only the smallest pieces of blue fabric. My fucking cock twitches and the word ‘deviant’ flashes in my mind as I force myself to look away and keep my hands by my sides, when all I really want to do is grab her by that dark hair and kiss that giant smile on her face. "What are you doing here?" I ask immediately, using aggression to cover what I’m really thinking. “You’re never here at the same time as me.” She shrugs and pulls her long hair over her shoulder, wringing out the water. It runs down her breast and my eyes follow the stream. Did I just growl? "School's out, and I’m not doing summer courses when this is the last summer before college. I want to have a bit of fun for a change. But it’s nice to see you too. It's only been four years, brother." My brow furrows. "Don't kiss me then call me brother." She grins. "Why? It's not like I stuck the tongue in." She uses her hand to nudge me playfully in the chest and I catch her by the wrist, holding her hand against me as I look into her eyes while mine burn with a long held desire. “Because right now, I’m not feeling very brotherly toward you.” Her mouth drops open and she lets out a tiny gasp. It’s so fucking sexy that I immediately picture her doing that with my face buried between her thighs. My thumb slides up and down her wrist as her hand presses against my chest, able to feel the increasing rhythm of my heart and the rise and fall of my rapid breathing. Slowly, my eyes absorb the sight of her; taking in the changes of her face, her curves, her hair… I get that same tightening in my guts that I did when I first met her. Time hasn’t lessened my reaction to having her in front of me. But now that I'm older, I know exactly what it is. And I know it's not the way I should be feeling around my stepsister.
Deviant… My eyes drop to her mouth and the most powerful urge to grab her and bite those plump lips of hers, assaults my mind, and I have to release her hand and look away to force it out of my mind or I’m going to lose control and do just that. It would be stupid. We’re out in the fucking open. What am I doing? “Just. Don’t,” I say, my frown returning as I step away. “You shouldn’t have come.”
She reaches out and grabs my arm. “Are you serious? I came here for you, Seb. I came here to spend one summer with the only person in this world who knows the real me. One summer before the world and its responsibilities take over.” I close my eyes for a moment. The idea of a whole summer with her is like heaven to my mind, easing that craving that has been present for so long… Gritting my teeth, I force my mind to be logical. “The whole summer? Abi, they’re not going to let us spend time together. Don’t you get that? I’m surprised they even agreed to have us both in the house together.”
She steps closer, invading my space, her body so close to mine that her full and perfect tits brush up against my skin. “They don’t even know I’m here, and this house is so big, I’m betting we can make it so they don’t find out.” “What about the staff?” I glance around the pool, checking our surroundings for any staff members who could see her and report back to Cynthia. “Vesna already knows I’m here. I asked her not to say anything.” “And she agreed to that?” “Yeah, she did. I told her I wanted the chance to get to know my stepbrother and she thought it was a great idea. That woman is more like my mother than my actual mother. She looks out for me. Just like I’m sure she looks out for you.” “What about the rest of the staff?” “Vesna is the boss, she told me not to worry, so I won’t.”
A grin creeps across my face, loving the idea of this. “There’s the Seb I know and love.” She grins, her eyes twinkling with mischief. She reaches up and runs her fingertips over my brow, smoothing out the creases left there. I close my eyes. “There he is,” she coos. “Let’s not be so serious. This summer is about fun.” I open my eyes, her blue pools of desire and everything I’ve ever wanted, looking right back at me. “Is it wrong that I really want to kiss you right now?” She smiles coyly and pushes away, swimming backwards just like she did when we were young. A smile pulls at the side of my lips. “You know, I think we should bet on this,” I call after her, flicking my fingers across the surface of the water so a spray lands over her. “Bet on what?” “Your ability to stay hidden.”
She laughs. “OK, what’s the prize?” I narrow one eye as I pretend to think. “You choose. But I bet they’ll find you within a week.” “Well, I bet they won’t find me at all.” “All right,” I nod, wading through the water then taking her hand as she holds it out and we shake on the bet. “I’m going to think of something really great that we’re betting for,” she smiles. “I look forward to hearing all about it.” Laughing, she swims away from me, and heads over to the pool steps, slowly climbing out. It’s torturous to watch, and I’m sure she's doing it on purpose. The slow sway of her hips as she walks, the way she turns her head and presses the water from her long hair, my mouth going dry as I watch the rivulets of water cascading down the curve of her body. I feel my heart quicken and a familiar stirring downstairs. Quickly, I avert my eyes, trying to stem the flow of blood to my groin, only to look back a moment later, unable to stop myself. I find her watching me with a satisfied smile. Our eyes connect and the world seems to shrink around us, while my mind is filled with thoughts that no brother should have. We aren’t related by blood… "Sure you don’t want to choose something you want?" she asks with a sly grin, pausing as she reaches for her towel and giving me a full view of her body in her bikini. It leaves very little for my imagination, and my eyes slowly travel down the length of her body then back up again. “Keep standing there and I’ll fucking take what I want,” I warn her, my voice feeling thick and gravelly as it sticks in my throat. She smiles. “Well, that’s not very brotherly of you.” “No. It’s not.” I watch her walk away, swaying her hips, taking her time. What the hell is this girl trying to do to me? What the hell am I doing?

Stepsister Devotion is a four part series, each part releasing two weeks apart at approx 30-40,000 words in length. The series follows the lives of Sebastian Hawke and Abigail Dorset as they come to terms with a love in a world that doesn't understand. Starting when they meet at thirteen and following them to college and beyond, we get to see what happens when love can't be contained...

“What happens when we unbolt that trap door, Seb? Do we go down to dinner and hold hands, just expecting our parents to be cool with us together? What happens when we go out into the world? What do we do – will you go up to people and say ‘I’d like you to meet my stepsister, Abigail, oh, and she’s also my girlfriend…’ How does that work, Seb? Because in my world, people are going to think I’m sick, and that it’s no better than incest.” “It’s not like we grew up together. We’ve met once before now. How can anyone think something is wrong with that?” She stands up and heads over to the gramophone, keeping her back to me as she lets out a sigh and speaks. “I don’t know, Seb. But people are small-minded and sometimes, the more educated they are, the worse it is. All I can promise you is this summer in this room. I can’t promise you anything outside it. I’m sorry.” “I’m sorry too, Abi. All I know is that I want you but I really can’t have you. And it pisses me off. I want you too much to settle for a secret. I want you always.” “I don’t know what to say to you, Seb. I can’t give you what you want.” stepsister devotion, part one.

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