Tuesday, February 24, 2015

 Hi Tori it’s so nice of you to do this with me I appreciate it so much.
I have really enjoyed getting to know you not sure how many people know this but you are an inspiration to all women.
 What has inspired you to be a writer?

I honestly never thought I would write a book, so I guess my love of reading lit a fire in me to share part of my breast cancer journey. A very good author friend challenged me to write it as a fictional story and since my life isn’t very interesting, Victoria was born. Plus, I’m not one to turn down a challenge!

The things you write are very inspiring how does it make you feel to know you have touched someone’s life?

I have no words to describe how it feels to touch someone’s life in the way this series has. The messages I’ve received from readers have blown me away completely and I never could have imagined how it would affect them. It is quite humbling to see what sharing bits and pieces of my journey has done for woman across the globe.

Did you ever think you would write not just one but two books?

Nope. It was supposed to be one, but the characters wouldn’t stop talking and I wasn’t even close to the end of Victoria’s story when I hit 100,000 words. I made the choice to cut it and two books were born.

Ok when you first started writing Beneath It All did you have it planned out I mean Noah of course is who I am talking about but I mean without giving spoilers away WTH were you thinking lol ?

Noah morphed into the ultimate arse. I never imagined how much women would despise the many and want to physically harm him. If you could see some of the messages. I laugh about them now and my husband has said that a few of the messages scared the crap out of him. I guess women don’t like Noah. At. All.

And tell us about the friendships in the group of girls its truly one of the things I loved about this book it is powerful.

The girls were so much fun to write. They lived in my head for so long and threw some crazy parties. It was nice to show how each of them were so different, but they all played a significant role in Victoria’s life. We all need friends with different strengths. I love those girls and I wish that everyone had friends like them!

DR. Forrester yummy don’t we all wish we had a doctor like this so did you have a Dr. McHottie ?

*cough cough* Umm. Well. My original surgeon was a woman and I did all of my surgeries at a different hospital than the one in my community. I had an issue with one of my reconstructed breasts two years ago and learned that one of her partners was seeing patients out here, so I went to meet him. Let’s just say…the man gives me a serious complex. And…he’s made it to second base with me a few times. Is it getting hot in here?!?!

Now I want to know about you.
What is your favorite drink (alcohol)

Are you married
Happily for 19 years today!

Do you have children and if yes how many
Identical teenage twin girls…I’m going to need several Mudslides to make it through the next few years!

Have you made a lot of friendships since becoming an author
I have made some incredible friendships through writing a book. It is honestly the best thing about publishing, meeting people and getting to know them. I’m very blessed!

Do you have a special routine in writing like food or drink music etc
I always have music on, hence the Spotify playlists, and usually a mango iced tea from Caribou Coffee.

Thank you so much Tori Madison and congrats on your new release and Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Trust me you will need lots of mudslides for those girls ;) Can’t wait to get more books from you. If you haven’t taken the time to read this series please sit down and make the time. Love you girl and always here for you.       


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