Monday, March 23, 2015

After The Fall

Title: After the Fall
Author: Abby Cavenaugh
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Cover Design: Swoon Romance
 Release Date: May 2015


It's been six months since her high-profile divorce, and Tina is desperate to get
her life in order beyond the spotlight of her ex-husband, pop singer Michael
Day. But when she meets a sexy bartender who happens to be ten years her
junior, Tina's first fling after her divorce might become something more. Tina
can't resist Josh's charms, but she needs something more in her life than
another wannabe singer. Tina wants to focus on herself, to finally find a place
in the world that didn't come from marrying a celebrity. If Tina ends her fling
and focuses on a career, she might lose her heart in the process. However, her
second chance at love might also be her first chance to live.

Author Bio

Abby Cavenaugh is a writer of romantic women’s fiction for Swoon Romance, with her
debut novel, GOING HOME AGAIN, out now. She is also currently seeking
representation for her YA paranormal manuscript, DEAD TALKER. She lives in
North Carolina with her twin sister, Amy, also a writer, her niece Adeline and
their cat, Gus. She loves chocolate, Diet Coke, the beach, New Kids on the
Block, and most of all, writing.

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