Monday, March 2, 2015

Title: What We Search For
Author: Natasha Stories
Publisher: Ashton Publishing Group
 Release Date: December 3, 2014


are all searching for something. . .

James is in the prime of his life. Tall, strong and 28, everything should have
been perfect for him, but it wasn't. Working in a dead-end job and going
nowhere, he needed an escape, and a skiing trip seemed like the perfect way to

But he never counted on meeting a woman like Amanda. After leaving an abusive
relationship she started travelling to find herself again. Could their chance
encounter really just be a coincidence? Or does everything happen for a reason?

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Author Bio

Hi there, I’m Natasha!

I’m an author of modern erotic stories, usually focusing on situations of sexual submission and dominance. I like writing short stories more than full length stuff, because I don’t like to waste any time before getting down and dirty!

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