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Chase the Knight

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Chase The Knight

By Nicola C. Priest

Chase The Knight Ecover (1)

Title: Chase The Knight

Author: Nicola C. Priest

Genre: Fiction/Romance

Publication: May 2016

Cover Designer: Margreet Asselbergs

Chase The Knight


A girl’s 21st birthday is meant to be a time in her life that she never forgets. At least, that’s what Abigail Knight thought, until her father gives her some bad news; a business deal has gone horribly wrong and now he has people out to get him.

Worried that someone will try and get to him through his daughter, Mr Knight hires protection in the form of undercover cop, Alexander Chase. Not surprisingly, Abigail is dead set against the idea, believing that the looming presence of Officer Chase will ruin her party. Taking on board his daughter’s worries, her father alters the plan. In order for Alex to fit in, he will no longer be just her protection; he will be her boyfriend.

Deciding that the new plan will be the lesser of two evils, Abigail reluctantly agrees, leaving her and Alexander just two days to get to know one another. Two days in which to learn enough about each other to fool even her best friend into believing they are a devoted couple.

Abi goes into the plan thinking it’s just a way to appease her father. Alex believes it to be just another undercover assignment, but from the moment they meet, the attraction between them in undeniable.

Both Abi and Alex try their hardest to remain platonic, knowing that once the party is over, they will go their separate ways, but as the sparks continue to fly, they both find it harder to maintain the charade.

Alex knows that getting involved with Abi could spell the end of his career, but the more time he spends with her, the more he wants her.

Can two people bought together by a charade really make something real?


Chase the Knight Teaser


~~About The Author~~


Hey everyone!!!!

I'm Nicola, known to most people as Nicky. I live with my husband of almost six years and my two cats, Ebony and Georgie, near Birmingham, in the West Midlands.

I have loved to write ever since I was at school. My Creative Writing classes were the only ones that held my attention and I always had a story of some kind floating around in my head. This continued throughout my college years when I would write short stories based on anything and everything.

When I joined the ranks of the employed in 1997, my writing was put on the backburner, but my passion for the art remained. It wasn't until 2007, when I discovered fanfiction, that I started to write again, mixing my love of writing with my love of TV and movies. I went on to write almost fifty pieces of fanfiction, some of which I am currently adapting to see if they can be released as novels in the future.

In February 2013, something happened that changed my life forever and finally convinced me to do something about all the stories that I had in my head. Losing my father to Cancer affected me more than I think even I wanted to admit. He always encouraged me to do what makes me happy and that is what writing does. I decided that I would finally stop over thinking things and went for it. The Heartland Series was born with the first of five novellas going on sale in October of the same year.

The five novellas came together to form one full length novel, Heart and Soul, which is the first in the Heartland Trilogy featuring Samantha and Alistair. The second book in the series, Mind & Soul is due out later this year.

As well as the Heartland books, I also have two works in progress, one called Somewhere Love Remains and a second called Chase the Knight. Both books are unrelated to Heartland and will be standalone. Both of these books will be out and available for purchase before Second City Signing in July.

On a more personal level, whilst writing is my passion, I still maintain a full-time position within one of the top 4 banks in the UK. I enjoy reading as well as writing and own an embarrassing number of paperback and hardbacks as well as a full Kindle Paperwhite.

I enjoy running and going to the gym and recently took part in and completed the Birmingham Great Run, a Half Marathon around the streets of Birmingham.

I am also a part-time event planner and have arranged numerous events over the last few years ranging from parties to full blown fan conventions. At each event, I raise as much money as possible for MacMillan Cancer, who were a fantastic support to me and my family when my father was first diagnosed and who continue to support us two after his passing.


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