Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Title: Swirl
Author: M.L. Spann
Publisher: Swoon Romance
 Release Date: March 17, 2015


He needs her help.

She wants his heart.

Both will get more
than they bargained for.

SWIRL is a steamy New
Adult story about a girl in love with a guy who's off limits at a time in her
life where things are very much outside of her control.  

After a handsome jerk
publicly humiliates her because of her weight, 24-year-old Brianna “Bri” Davis
hits an all-time low. With no career, no place to live, and no self-confidence
to speak of, Bri has reached rock bottom.

The only stable thing
in her crumbling life is the Drip Drop Coffee Shop, where she drowns her sorrows
in danishes and mugs of delicious coffee, served by an equally delicious

28-year-old Jayce
offers Bri a job, but it comes with strings attached: Bri must help him
recapture the heart of his ex-girlfriend. She will remake him into a most
irresistible specimen so that his ex has no choice but to take him back.

Excited to finally
have an income, Bri jumps at the opportunity, especially if working next to
Jayce all day is part of the deal. Who cares if the man she's been pining away
for has the hots for someone else?

And the ex he's
trying to win back? She's more interested in what he can buy her than a real
relationship. Why can't Jayce see there's a more deserving woman right in front
of him? 

Bri can't take any more disappointment. So, going after Jayce is
probably a bad idea. But then everything changes, and soon, the steam in
Jayce's lingering stare is hotter than the coffee they swirl.

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Author Bio

Megan Spann also known as M. L. Spann is an eclectic blend
of sex, sarcasm, and a dash of darkness. Her love of books blossomed at an
early age and it has developed into a passion for writing as well. She also
writes darker fiction under the pen name M. T. Harrte.

She’s definitely one of those people that
carries around books in their bag. She adds a touch of sass to her novels by
using her southern roots to set the tone. She spent a great deal of her life
moving from state to state with her military family, until finally settling
down in Mississippi. Despite graduating from Ole Miss with a business degree
and going on to gain a Master’s degree, she has decided to truly follow her
heart by pursing a writing career.

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