Friday, April 3, 2015

☆ ☆ ☆ FREEBIE FRIDAY ☆ ☆ ☆
Did you know there is a new Legal Affairs trilogy coming?
Clash: A Legal Affairs Story (Book #1 of Cal and Macy's Story) is coming April 7! The first release in this all new trilogy, don't miss Cal and Macy's explosive chemistry.
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☆ Synopsis ☆
Clash (verb): to conflict, disagree.
It might be fair to say that I despise Macy Carrington. She slings insults with precision, not caring about the destruction she leaves in her wake. We clash in a battle of wills every time we’re around each other, and yet… I still fantasize about being lodged deep within her body.
Clash (verb): to come together or collide.
I have never encountered someone that grates me the way Cal Carson does. His pompous, arrogant demeanor. A holier-than-thou attitude. Any interaction with “Saint Cal” ends in a verbal clash of epic proportions, and yet… there’s no one I’d rather have in my bed than him.
Clash (noun): a battle, fight or skirmish.
Her breathy moans mingle with the sound of our flesh coming together, clashing with the silence that surrounds us, dispelling any notions I once had about Macy Carrington.
Maybe I can break down her walls if we can call a truce to this battle.
He whispers filthy words in my ear, provoking feelings I never knew were possible. The burning desire in his touch clashes with everything I once believed about Cal Carson.
Maybe he can be the balm I need to soothe my broken soul, if only temporarily.
**Clash is the first book in this Legal Affairs trilogy and is releasing on 4/7/15. Grind will be released on 4/21/15 and Yield will be released on 5/5/15.

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