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Author Spotlight with Ashley Claudy - Outside the Ropes, Inside Danger, and Otherside of fear

Author Interview Duck, Duck, Goose!

HI Ashley, Thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions, we are very excited to have you!

First.. Tell us a little about your books..

Outside The Ropes is a new adult romantic suspense series (and my first published story). It’s a twist on the fighting genre since the heroine, Regan, is also a boxer. She’s fiercely independent—to a fault— since she grew up in foster care, but an attack on her way home from work puts her in the path of four men who may be able to help her in different ways. This is when Regan struggles to let people in and we see her self preservation instincts in action. Outside The Ropes has been described as gritty, emotional, and a rollercoaster of a story.

And please tell us a little about you..

I’m a teacher by day, writer by night (actually early mornings mostly), and wife and mother all the time. I surround myself in music and books and coffee (and my cell phone).

Gail – (duck) I really enjoy MMA/Fighter books.. So what made you decide to have Regan become a boxer?

Dr. Phill—seriously!
I love me a good fighter story! When I started writing this, I had just come off a reading binge of them. But I wasn’t thinking of writing one, I had other ideas in my head. And then a Doctor Phill episode came on that had nothing to do with anything in this book, but a picture he showed to introduce his guest looked like a bad ass girl boxer. In that second the picture showed my mind went crazy.

Gail – (duck) I absolutely LOVED Gage.. but I really liked Anthony too.. will we get more of him..?

Anthony, Anthony, Anthony…. He’s someone that readers have mixed reactions over (well most of the people in the story get mixed reactions). But he did play an important part in Regan’s life, and I wouldn’t forget about him just yet. ;)

Gail – (goose) Are you married? If so how long?
Married for 6 years, but we’ve been together for almost 15 years.

• Our answers..
• Gail – Yes I am.. Been married for almost 12 yrs
• Lisa – Yes for 12 Yrs
• Stephanie – Yes for almost 20 yrs
• Marialee – Yes for almost 12 yrs

Stephanie – (duck) Who has influenced you most in writing?

No one person. Everything I read, everyone I come into contact with, influences me in one way or another. But, Jamie McGuire’s openness about her journey is what inspired me to actually open up my first word doc and write.

Stephanie – (duck) What’s your routine for writing.. Do you have a superstition thing you have to do or ting that will jinx you?

No superstition, but ideally my writing routine would go: wake up, run while listening to music to get the ideas going, shower, then write! During the weekdays, I wake up and write before work without the run first.

Stephanie – (goose) what is the craziest thing you have ever done?

• Our answers..
• Gail – I went Zip Lining in the Dominican
• Stephanie – Deciding it was a cool idea to wax my legs
• Marialee – When I was in high school my friends and I would have sleep overs at each other’s houses.. (like 10 of us) and a couple times we went streaking.. one of the girls lived in town.. thankfully it was a small town..
• Lisa – Hmmm Drove 120 miles round trip just for ice cream…

I would do this!!
Well, I survived senior week at the beach… but that was probably a bunch of stupid things. Craziest would be waterskiing.

Lisa – (duck) What made you pick the location that the story takes place in? Is it somewhere you have wanted to go to or was there a certain inspiration there that drew you to using that area?
The Wire. Really, I love that show. But really, I live right outside of Baltimore and I love the city.

Lisa – (duck) Do any of the situations or events that happen in your books relate to things that have happened to you in your life?

My grandmother, who lived two houses away (I half joke that I live on a compound) was a foster parent. Growing up with the foster children in her home, I met some of the strongest people. Some of their stories are worse than anything I could ever write, but they kept going.

Lisa – (goose) who is your secret crush.. and how long have you has a crush on them?

• Our Answers –
• Lisa – Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria (music is terrible but he is beautiful)
• Gail – Right now.. I LOVE Roman Reigns (wwe wrestler) I read Phenomenal X by Michelle Valentine and I immediately thought of Roman..
• Stephanie – Bradley Cooper
• Marialee – Ryan Gosling
Oh I have soo many… but tops right now is Stephen James Hendry. Oh gosh, I started following him on instagram and he’s just… perfect!

Marialee – (duck) who is your favorite character in your books.. Which characters POV do you like to write most and why?

They are all my favorite… it’s hard to choose just one. I love getting in all their minds. My favorite POV is Regan, since the story is told through her. I love being trapped in her jaded perspective, there are interactions and motives going on around her that she doesn’t grasp or that she misinterprets.

Marialee – (duck) What made you choose the locations you used in the books?

I liked the differences, from Nan’s apartment to Gage’s home in his gated community. And then even bigger differences in the second and third book as their wealth grows the deeper they get.

Marialee – (goose) if you could have any type of book boyfriend who would it be..? Rocker, Billionaire, Average Joe.. ect?

• Our Answers
• Marialee – A combo of Adam Wilder and Will Cooper.. So I guess a little of the Rocker with a lot of Average Joe – The sweet, sincere, smart yet masculine type… Sigh…..
• Stephanie – I would choose a mix of all the bookwhore
• Lisa – What she said.. (points to Stephanie)
• Gail – My book BF would be a MC Guy… I LOVE me a major Alpha Biker…

Any? I’d choose Jamie Fraser, Scottish outlaw and soldier. But in more modern times, the billionaire— hey if I’m fantasizing, he’d be able to fight, too.

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers and likers of Night and Day Book Blog?

Don’t judge my writing by this! My characters are so much more developed than I am.
But also, I hope you read some fine books. If you do, please share them with me!

Links for the books are below
Outside the Ropes

Inside Danger

Pre Order links for Otherside of Fear

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