Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cherry Lemonade

Press release


Blurb: ** This romance novella is for adults only! Contains super hot, one-on-one sex between two great characters.**

So I guess you are wondering who in the hell I am? I'm known by most as Sir, and to a few very lucky girls as Master. See it's not my style to give my name out to strangers but what the heck, Drake Andrew Hart at your service; a twenty-six year old sex god, the best damn private investigator around, and if you crossed the wrong person, I would become your worst nightmare.

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FYI: Cherry Lemonade was originally my short story, Living a Lie. It had been banned three times on Amazon. So I took out the hot parts, added some hotter parts, and threw in all new characters to create my favorite storyline yet.

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