Monday, May 25, 2015

Have you experienced Insatiable?

"Every romance addict and erotic lover constantly crave their next epic read and I just found one, Insatiable!" - Jxxx Pink Lady
"I am really loving these thirst quenching sexy erotic small reads and this one is certainly a favourite this year wow for a new author he sure as hell hooked me from line one." Slut Sistas Book Blog

"Seriously... this is JD's debut as a writer? Where the hell did this guy come from? Because, seriously, Insatiable is really fucking good! The writing is solid, the humor is smart, and the sex is a off the charts hot!" - The Literary Gossip

"Like the tantalizing title, Insatiable will make you ravenous. You'll want to eat up this oh-so-sexy, captivating, humorous, powerful and brilliant book that will swallow your heart, soul, and panties. JD Hawkins' debut story is a seductive, sinful, and sweet surprise of a package." - Bookalicious Babes

Insatiable (only 99c)            

Insatiable 2

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