Thursday, May 14, 2015

Inside Danger ~ Ashley Claudy

Book Two of Outside The Ropes – Ashley Claudy

Regan thought she had found a new life.

She thought she'd found something to love in the ring.

She thought she'd found someone to love outside those ropes--Someone who loved her.

But what she found was danger. And there's no easy way out.

My Review Book 2
This book was phenomenal.. It picks up where book 1 left off.. Gage is gone.. Regan is desperately trying to find him..
When Regan does find Gage she finds him getting really close to some really bad people.. He believes that his only way of protecting and keeping Regan safe is to ask as though she means nothing to him.. of course Regan starts to think this too.. was he just playing her? Of course just as she is ready to let him have it he pulls her to him and shows her just how much she means to him..
Gage is sooo back and forth in this book.. but he begs Regan to just let him handle things.. he has it under control.. but as you know Regan is not one to just sit there.. NO she starts to make deals of her own..
This book is filled with tons of action.. plenty of drama and danger, keeping you on the edge of your seat..
I do on a side note need to say that I think my favorite part of this book was **and its not really spoiling anything** but when they are at the gym.. she tells Gage she is not going to stay and he leaves then comes back then hides out in the basement.. pretty much from then till the end…. LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot wait for book 3!!!!

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