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Title: Cashmere Series: Tales From Terrigal, Book 1 Author: Khul Waters Genre: Erotic Romance Release Date: May 1, 2015

Photo of a couple against a beach background, representing the lead characters in Cashmere, an erotic romance by Khul Waters
Title: Cashmere
Series: Tales From Terrigal, Book 1
Author: Khul Waters
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: May 1, 2015

Photo of the cover of Cashmere, a new erotic romance by Australian author Kuhl Waters


Cashmere is the latest story of deep, loving intimacy from the pen of Australian author Khul Waters.

Cashmere begins a little differently to Khul Waters’ usual storylines. It starts with an intense, unplanned ménage à trois, which throws the controlled lives of two of the people involved into chaos. Join Laura and Dan as they react to the surging lust and passion their sudden relationship releases. Share with them their roller coaster ride of lust and love...and loss.

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“But yours is… What was it you said last night about your looks? Oh, yes, that's it. Ruggedly handsome. Well, lover, you proved last night that yours is rugged and it certainly is handsome. So thick and long enough to rub so delightfully inside me last night. I want very badly to feel it forcing my lips and teeth apart, to feel its urgent need to push into me, to feel it take me ruggedly.”She looked up into his eyes, letting him see the need in her own.“Will you do those things for me, Dan? For me…and to me?”


Over and over, his arousal, fuelled by her passion for him, drove him into her. He loved hearing her soft grunts in response to the force of his thrusts inside her. He loved feeling his hardness forcing her open each time, then entering her and sliding hard and fast into her until her opening stopped him. And he loved most of all the way she held him inside herself, pressed herself around him every time he entered her or pulled back out.

The Beach...

Laura insisted she be the one to rub sunscreen into her own lightly tanned skin. When he asked her why, she just shook her head at him before telling him, “How naive do you think I am? I've just finished giving you a very satisfying payback so do you actually believe I'll let you anywhere near my body right now. I don't think so!”
“But you can trust me.” Even as he said it, with a good attempt at a straight face, a laugh escaped him. “Okay, well maybe you can't. But surely you’d feel better with my hands rubbing all over your body?”
He tried again for innocence, but she just started laughing and shaking her head at him until he sighed loudly and tried for sad and pathetic, which just made her laugh even harder till she had to hold her sides to try and get her laughter under control before it began to hurt. “So, should I take your reaction as a maybe?”
“Stop it! Stop it, Dan! I can't breathe properly.”
He drew her into his arms and just held her gently while she tried to calm down. When he judged it was safe to continue to be his normal smart arse self again, he told her, “You don't show me a great deal of trust, do you?”

The Bedroom...

Laura moved away from the sting and hard into his groin which showed its appreciation by slowly growing against her.
“Hmm, there might be something in this physical abuse thing if you react this way.” She slowly twisted herself against his growing hardness, making it grow some more as she rubbed her softness across it. “I love a man's morning arousal. When you’re still half-asleep, it’s wonderful to feel him growing hard in response to your snuggling body.” She sighed loudly for effect. “Sadly, I only have you here and you're so nearly impotent I'll never get the punishment I really need.”
A photo quote from Cashmere, an erotic romance novel by Khul Waters

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About Khul Waters

Drop in and visit me (at if you are looking for a place where loving intimacy, passion & eroticism merge inside fiction... There you can read excerpts from my stories or read reviews of them. You can find out why I write erotic romances...

Here are a few highlights about me and my life... I am an Australian, born and raised in Sydney. I was a high school teacher for most of my professional life. I have taught in many places in eastern Australia. I have also taught in England and Hong Kong for extended periods of time.

I chose to write in the genre of erotic romance in order to express the joy I find in life and in love. I began with short stories and poetry that mostly seemed to focus on one theme: the nature of love between men and women.

Specifically, I am intrigued by the nature of Dominant / submissive relationships. Not the stereotypical leather and whips type but the need for many men to take a dominating role in lovemaking and for many women to take a submissive role. My stories feature this preoccupation.

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