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THE CRIMINAL AND THE BEAUTIFUL Author: Rose Fallen june 5th

Author: Rose Fallen
Series: River Kings series, book 1
Genres: New Adult, Multicultural, Contemporary Romance
He’s every mother’s worst nightmare . . . and every woman’s secret fantasy.

A Brazilian-Romany gypsy and a paroled ex-con, formerly part of a vicious street gang, Hanzi wants a new life but he can't escape his past. His old gang's leader and his friends don't understand why he wants to distance himself from them. The more he does, the less they trust him--and living with his sister and her cop husband doesn't help. The last thing he needs is some jumped-up snot of a rich college girl with a hard-on for literature hanging around the coffee-shop where he works tempting him with her pretty eyes and hot little body.

Usually a good student, Riley flunks a research project when family problems distract her. She has no choice but to stay on campus during spring break to redo the work. With her own family's criminal past, she has no patience with the hot tattooed ex-con who works at the coffee shop where she likes to study--and less for her own attraction to him.

They can't stand each other, but they can't fight the pull, either. Despite a disastrous first date, Hanzi finds himself wanting more than smoking hot sex from the pretty little rich girl; Riley just wants him. Too bad her dad's dead set against Hanzi and keeps asking him to do some pretty shady favors. Is he trying to trick Hanzi back into his criminal life or just take advantage of his skills? Then his old friends come after him, and being a good man starts to seem like more trouble that it's worth, especially if it won't help him protect Riley.


Riley flung her purse on her bed and went over to her desk.
She sat down and opened her laptop. Hanzi groaned. So she was serious about working on her project. He’d hoped she’d been
playing hard to get. Playing hard to fuck.
“Guess I’ll sit down,” he said.
Riley murmured, “Okay.”
He flopped himself down on her comfy bed. A little small
for his size, but he could fuck Riley in it easy. He’d fuck her wherever he
could. When was the last time he’d been on a girl’s soft bed and hadn’t been
fucking her? He couldn’t remember. Shit, maybe never. It was kind of nice for a
change to sit there watching her work.
Kind of. Because he really wanted to fuck her, like right
Riley’s small hands pecked away on her laptop keys. Hanzi
leaned back into her pillows against the headboard and tried to relax. The bed
smelled spicy like her, and he thought of the way her pussy tasted, and its
soft, warm smoothness. His eyelids started to flutter, and then he forced them
to stay open.
Across from him Riley turned to pick up her pen from the
floor where it had fallen from her desk, and her silky blouse hung low on her
soft, ripe tits. When she faced front again to get her work done or whatever
the hell she was doing, her shirt rode up her back, and Hanzi got a peek of the
creamy tops of her ass cheeks.
He motioned to her. “Riley.”
“Not now.” Her pretty little head didn’t so much as turn
his way.
“Hey,” he said.
She held up her delicate finger.
Fuck that. Hanzi wanted her over there with him right now.
Enough with the playing-hard-to-get shit.
Hanzi stood up and walked behind her. He dangled his arms
around her neck. “Come, leave these gangsters for this one.” He indicated her
screen with his eyes. Then he worked his way under her wide neckline and set
his hands on her bare shoulders, pressing his fingers hard into her supple
Finally, she peered up at him through her thick, dark
lashes. It took a lot to distract this girl. “You said you understood I have to
work. You promised you’d—”
Hanzi covered her mouth with his hand.

Rose Fallen
Rose Fallen has written and published stories in a multitude of genres, but her main passion are stories that combine her two favorite genres: erotic romance and crime. Rose’s characters and their gritty romances are often inspired by the people and places in the New York City of her childhood and the music club she grew up around. She enjoys writing stories where the underdogs of society--and the women they love--triumph in unexpected ways and the characters are sometimes on the wrong side of the law. The Criminal and the Beautiful is the first book in her New Adult crime-romance series, River Kings. She enjoys reality television, tabloid news, classic literature, and hugging dogs.


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