Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Pinky is back!

So are Matt and Ever.
Pinky has to decide, once and for all, where her heart lies...

Advance Reader Praise for Conditioner:
'Seriously, I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING' - Karina Almeroth

'Probably, EASILY, the best book I've Ever read. Get it?? With the Ever bit?? I mean, I'm a comical genius' - Karina Almeroth

'When Pinky roars over to Ever's in her Holden Commodore and - no, no, no, not going to say what happened. You will just have to illegally download and see. BUT IT'S GOOD' - Karina Almeroth
'Where's my pink drink?' - Karina Almeroth

'No, I'M SERIOUS. Where the fuck is my pink drink??' - Karina Almeroth
Pink drinks, swearing, and Holden Commodores.

This is the sequel to Shampoo the first book in The Misadventures of Pinky series.



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Pinky. She walked off the map, set it alight, and threw the ashes over herself in some self-destructive ritual. She'll have to shampoo that ash out somehow.
Lucky she never has to pay for shampoo.
She's survived A LOT...but will she survive love again, all those pink drinks she consumes, and working for a haircare company that has a drag queen for a mascot and two bosses selling shampoo based on sin?
Then there's Ever and Matt, two guys determined to win her heart...or destroy her further?
There'll be plenty of pink drinks (pink everything), Holden Commodores, and True Love??, as Pinky navigates through life once again, madly trying to find a new path to walk on.
A novel about taking your second chance at life and running with it with as much humour and spewing madly (on spumante) as one can.
Especially in her darkest times...those times when she feels she can never love again...or worse, BE loved again...she will turn to the (pink) light and humour to see her through.
That, and pink drinks, and driving like a hoon.
Pink. It's the new EVERYTHING.


Shampoo is 99c or FREE on Kindle Unlimited



Karina Almeroth lives in Brisbane Queensland, Australia, where she spends her days plotting World Pink Domination, and hooning around in her pink Holden Commodore VT. And sometimes she behaves for her children.
And yes, she is still single. Still no man can handle her.


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