Tuesday, September 8, 2015

No Regrets  (book 2) ~ Savana Jade
Regret- a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.
Jenna Munson has lived her life with her heart locked up tightly. When she finally allows Gabriel Gonzales to unlock it, she finds out some devastating news causing her to turn to the one thing that she could rely on, drugs. Ashamed for her actions, she sets off away from her band and her brother Brennan for some much needed space. She has a decision to make. Does she choose to lock her heart up again so it can’t be broken, or does she learn to forgive Gabriel for his faults and love him with no regrets?

No Regrets is the continuation of the Live Today Series about Trust, Betrayal, Family and Love


My Review - Gail
Omg this book was absolutely amazing... Such a emotional filled ride you took me on.. Oh my sweet sweet Gabe.. and his beautiful Angel Jenna.. The Love Gabe and Jenna share is truly a once in a live time love.. They love with everything they have in them.. Of course we get more of Brennan and Ashley, Matty and Willow with baby Dani, and Drew.. We of course get to meet Paisley.. Hmmmm me wonders if there is a little spark with those two.. *wink wink* I truly loved every moment... I cannot wait for more to come with series..  And let me tell you.. that last text and the letter.. GASP...
Thank You Thank You Thank You for this amazing ride... I look forward to more to come..

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