Thursday, January 7, 2016

In My Head

S.L. Schiefer

When lies and guilt tear you apart... What will it take for you to change?

When I met Ben Morris everything fell into place. My life made sense. He gave me the life I always dreamed of. Sounds perfect, right?

But, what if your husband really doesn't know you? While he's at work you're toeing the line of right and wrong? That your entire relationship is not what it seems?

I'm Lyla Morris and this is my story of love, loss, forgiveness and healing. Try not to judge me too harshly until you know the truth.

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Gail's Review
ARC given by author in return for a honest review 4.5 Stars

So when I read the blurb I was like OK.. I can read this.. WOW this book had me guessing from the get go as to what was going to happen.. I was really getting frustrated with Lyla... but as I kept reading I began to understand a little.. or I thought I did.. then that ending was like holy shitballs.. that is not what I thought was going to happen..

I totally loved Ben.. He is just this super sweet.. and Alpha when he wants to be man.. he always knew what his wife was needing.. and all the side characters.. wow amazing too..

Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.. Loved it..

Gail - Night and Day Book Blog

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