Monday, January 4, 2016

Sparks Fly by Bella Cruise

(FREE on Kindle Unlimited)



On sale for only 99c or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Sparks Fly by Bella Cruise

"Get ready to smile, laugh, swoon, and fall in love."

You never forget your first time…

When Ginny Austen left home, she took her big dreams and her broken heart with her. She needed to escape her small town, but most of all, she needed to escape Luke Porter. Her first love, and her first heart break.

But when a new job sends Ginny right back to where she started, the past she tried so desperately to leave behind reappears in the form of a broad-shouldered, smart-mouthed hunk, Luke who is impossible to resist and determined to make up for lost time. He still plays a mean game of pool and is super skilled between the sheets, but this new and improved Luke is ambitious, successful, and hiding pain of his own.


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