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Title: Cobra &
Series: Crusaders
MC #3.5
Author: L. Grubb


Life was simple
before I met Cobra, well, simple to some extent. I had a nine to five job, a
mum that I visited in the hospice, a best friend who I still adore and more
importantly, no kids.

I couldn’t wait to
meet our little one. Boy or girl, we weren’t fussed, but we kept it a surprise.
But when the baby came along, I thought my life was perfect. I couldn’t have
wanted anything more. Three days after the birth, I started feeling shitty, I
mean, we all get them days right? But this…this was something far more serious.
I was out of control, borderline bipolar. What the fuck was wrong with me? Can
anyone help me?

How can I help
her? I can’t control her. My soothing words go unheard in her craze for….whatever
it is she’s seeking. I have no idea what’s happened to my sweet Alexis. What
has made her so fucking crazy? It’s unbearable, seeing her suffering but having
no idea why. I don’t even think she knows why. Someone has to help my Old Lady…because
I don’t know where this will lead to. How can our relationship survive after
this? How can I trust her with our baby when she can barely look after herself.
Please, God, anyone, help us.

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