Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Last Valkyrie
“Being the last of anything just sucks, for the record.”
An ancient Dragon, a mischievous Elf, and a Dwarf with the ability to tattoo spells that hide so many things, all have one thing in common: Kara-the last Valkyrie.

Zane, a powerful Dragon who lives in Midgard, has been hiding an important treasure since the Valkyrie genocide two-hundred and fifty years ago. He’s been hiding Kara, protecting her from the Gods that want Ragnarok to occur, and from herself. It has been hot as Hel on their mountain for the last few hundred years and she’s over waiting for her Dragon to acknowledge it. Zane is hiding things from her and not giving her what she really needs…silly Dragon, a female won’t wait forever.

Rune is an ancient Elven playboy with his own secrets, and a world filled with concubines and power. He gets a lot more than he bargained for when he signs up to help her through her magick training. He surprises himself to learn it is not a bad thing.

The Dwarf? Well, you’ll learn more about him and his riveting role in this gripping story.


Kara’s been hidden in the mountain with Zane, learning the histories of the realms, and how to fight like a true Goddess. After two-hundred and fifty years of training, she can barely best Zane in battle, but she can kick the ass of any other breathing thing. Too bad she needs more than the ability to fight with weapons. Kara needs a little normalcy, a lot of love…and she needs to learn how to set the Gods free so the maniacs of ‘Pro Ragnarok Nation’ don’t get their wish to destroy all the realms and start over with new thrones to be claimed. Hel. To. The. No. She’s going to figure it out. She has to.

As Kara learns more about herself and about the world, she finds that nothing is as it seems…not even her. She will learn shocking truths and hidden lies, and at the end of the day, she’s in the midst of them all.

Even the greatest of beings can only be broken so many times before they lock away their heart and draw their sword instead. Kara’s sword and her tongue are sharp and ready. But after everything she learns, her sword is bound to get heavier, and the prospect of a new world isn’t seeming all that bad in certain brief moments of time. Except the part where she would never see her family or those she loves again.

Moment gone. Sword ready.

This is her story, and ours, as we feel the cold bite of the first winter of Ragnarok in our world. Once the ship of the Dead has gotten off its mooring, no one anywhere will have the power to save us all.


“The Last Valkyrie” by Jennifer Sage ©2015 – Releasing on Valentine’s Day, 2016.
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18+ only due to sexual content and language
What readers are saying:
“Break out the tissues, get ready to laugh, cry, yell at your Kindles or e`readers and at times even throw them across the room. To compare this book with any other paranormal or urban fantasy book would not do it justice.”
“The Last Valkyrie is so very unique and captivating that one cannot simply just put this story down and move onto the next.”
“I was gifted an ARC by the Author for an honest review....honestly I have never read anything quite like this. Ms. Sage draws pictures with her words of fanciful places, battles, love, lust and longing.”
“I expected nothing less than an absolutely amazing story and definitely was not disappointed!!!!”
“I read this book in a day because I truly could not put it down once I started reading it.”
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