Monday, February 1, 2016

**Warning: Book Contains adult content and act(s) of self-harm, if you are offended by sex or sensitive to self-harm, please note that this book is not for you**
Brock Scott used to have it all. King of the High School, Captain of the football team. He had offers from some of the best schools in the nation, begging him to come and join them. Life was perfect. Until being the best wasn’t enough and there were no means he wouldn’t try to be even better. But when the methods and the consequences catch up with him, his life effectively ended. Full Stop. The end.
Now, back in the town he grew up in, he just wants to survive. Until he sees her. Consequences be damned.
Teagan is a woman of many masks. Having grown up and lived in the same town her entire life, she is comfortable in the near invisibility she maintains. She uses her wardrobe and quirky nature, to hide from a world that nearly ended her once. She isn’t strong enough to survive that again. Working on cars,
living with her father, never stepping out of the box - it’s a perfectly fine life for her.
Until she meets him. What happens when two pasts collide? Can Brock mend his broken past and can Teagan overcome her fears?

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