Monday, March 14, 2016

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Meet Colton Wade, FMX rider...
I’m just a small town guy who caught a lucky break. Now I’m living the dream, on the brink of high-flying super-stardom. But something’s missing.
That something is Taylor.
She’s my best friend. The one who makes me want to push harder and higher. The one I fall back on when shit gets tough. The one I’d give it all up for.
I’d do anything to protect her. To make her dreams come true too.
But a single night changes everything.
And now the one she needs protection me.
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Molly McLain lives in a tiny little town in Wisconsin with her husband, three kids, and a sassy dog. She loves fountain soda, jellybeans, Luke Bryan and Avenged Sevenfold, thunderstorms, and camping at quiet lakes. She's been scribbling down love stories since she was old enough to dream about happily ever afters, and now she writes sexy, small town romance for real.
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Gail's Review of Fly

OMG I loved this book... GAH now I have to wait for the conclusion.... God woman hurry and write.....
This was my first book by Molly McLain and I will tell you this now IT WILL NOT BE MY LAST! This story just sucked me in.. I am sitting here reading this book at work no less on my lunch hour.. with tears threating to spill down my face!!!
Taylor and Colton (Tee & Col) have been BFF's forever.. since they were little kids.. but things are starting to change.. they are noticing things about each other.. things they want to act on but know that if they cross that line who knows if they will be able to go back to what they were..
I can not say enough about this book.. it was soooo good.. and I need more because THAT ENDING WTF!!!!!!!

Please hurry... I want my Colton and Taylor fix...

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