Friday, May 20, 2016

҉‿➹⁀☆҉ COVER

Title: Holding
onto Hope
Series: Crusaders
Author: L.
Release Date: TBC
Cover Model: Stefan
Photographer: Eric


Daily life is like
one big, massive chore. I work to pay the bills, I live in a crap little one
story house with unstable beams and I have debt collectors on my back. Not cool
right? My dad died a few months ago and he left a shit storm in his wake. I’m screwed
and I’m alone.

Ghosts of my past
haunt me daily. Life goes on by but I’m stuck in my head, stuck in the past.
Dad created a sick version of hell and I’m about to live it. Will anyone save
me? Am I on my own like I am in reality? I hope someone becomes my knight in
shining armour. These men… They’re dangerous and I have no clue how to escape.

Loneliness is a
constant feeling in my bones, weariness of runs with the club have me wanting
to rip my hair out. I stay calm and collected for my brothers. I’m the Prez and
I am not weak. But seeing everyone shacking up with woman, getting Old Ladies,
it makes me want it too.

News of an abduction
reaches us, the Devil Heads MC are making a move and they’re causing hell
wherever they go. Do we jump the gun and take the fuckers down? Or do we sit
back and wait for their next move?

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