Friday, May 27, 2016

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Carolina Beach #1

Cecy Robson

Releasing June 21st, 2016


can you imagine forever with someone who's leaving everything behind?


a former army sniper, wants to make an escape from his past and everything he

experienced at war, but most of all, just not feel. Feeling leads to pain and

he's suffered enough. When he inherits a house on South Carolina's Kiawah

Island, he packs his bags, lured by the peace and seclusion he thinks it will

bring. But, Callahan never counted on meeting anyone like Trinity . . .


has always been the cute, and funny one, who most guys overlook inpursuit of

her "hot" friends. She became used to being everyone's pal, until the

day the young man she was attracted to, was drawn to her in return. He became

her first great love, and first crushing heartbreak when she found him in bed

with one of her closest friends.


move forward, and to carry out her commitment to helping those in need, Trinity

enlists in the Peace Corps, but not before returning to Kiawah for one last

memorable summer. She just never imagined it would be so unforgettable.


doesn't want to get close to anyone-let alone Trinity. He finds her perkiness

insufferable and her attempts to entice a smile distracting. After all, he's in

Kiawah to leave all feelings behind. But when it comes to Trinity, who feels

everything, it's hard not to feel something.


expected to fall in love. And no one could have predicted how inseverable

they'd become.

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CECY ROBSON is the New Adult and Contemporary author of

the Shattered Past series, the O’Brien Family novels, and the award winning

author of the Weird Girls Urban Fantasy Romance series. A self-proclaimed

professional napper, Cecy counts among her talents a jaw-dropping knowledge of

useless trivia, the ability to make her hair big, and a knack for breaking into

song, despi4e her family’s vehement protests. A full-time writer, registered

nurse, wife, and mother living in the South, Cecy enjoys spending time with her

family and silencing the yappy characters in her head by telling their stories.

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