Friday, May 13, 2016

The Rise of Emery James
by Shae Scott
Coming JUNE 16th!

Sometimes going back is the only way to move forward.


In one moment my life fell apart. One single moment and the perfect picture of happily ever after shattered in an instant.

I thought it would destroy me.

It saved me instead.

Sometimes it takes the unexpected, the unimaginable, to shake you awake. It takes something drastic to remind you how to live. For me, losing everything gave me the chance to find everything I’d lost. It gave me the chance to find me.


Second chances don’t come easy.

Emery James was supposed to be my one regret. The one thing I gave up. The one thing I couldn’t get back.

But then she came home.

Broken and lost, she’s a shadow of the girl I loved. But I can still see her and I’m determined to put her back together.

Second chances don’t come easy. But I refuse to let her slip away again. I’m going to fight for her. I’m going to fight for us.

For everything that we lost.

Sometimes the things that RISE from the ashes are strong enough to last forever.

Unfinished (Unfinished #1) 

Sometimes life begins with a second chance. 

On graduation night, Ally Montgomery walked away from her best friend, Owen. One night changed them forever. One night, one decision to cross that line of friendship, one decision to walk away. 

She never forgot him. 

Ten years later, Owen finds her. 

And this time, they aren't letting anything go unfinished. 

Indelible (Unfinished #2) 


making marks that cannot be removed. 

Not able to be forgotten or removed 

Permanent, lasting, ingrained, enduring, unforgettable, haunting 

Some people stay with you. Sometimes love won’t let go. Some marks on the heart cannot be erased. 

When Owen walked away from Ally he thought he was doing what was best for her. That’s what he told himself. It was a decision that he regretted instantly. Now, he has to figure out how too change his ways and win her back. This will be the hardest fight of his life. But she is worth it. She is everything. 

Ally isn’t the same girl that Owen left six months ago. She shut down. It was survival. She can’t go back. She can’t let him back in. Losing him was too hard to go through the first time. But he keeps showing up, saying all the right words, doing all the right things. Will she be able to resist him? Can a person really change? Is he worth the risk to find out?

On Paper

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” William Shakespeare 

Keaton Harris always thought he would be reporting from the front lines as a hard-hitting news reporter. He never expected to become a best-selling romance writer. But the job definitely has its perks, like the long line of ladies who are eager to become his muse for a night. 

He doesn’t expect to meet Quinn Ryan at a book convention. He doesn’t expect to be taken with her so quickly. She is beautiful. Smart. Quiet…and totally giving him the cold shoulder. 

Quinn has no interest in becoming a Keaton Harris groupie, no matter how hot he is. She learned a long time ago that playboys make dangerous playthings. But when he proves to be more than she expected she finds herself weakening to his charms. 

One week. That’s all it was supposed to be. One week to have an adventure, to be someone else. It was never supposed to go any further than that. 

Maybe that Shakespeare guy was on to something.

Growing up an only child, Shae Scott fell in love with words at an early age, learning the best friends in the world can be found among the pages of a book.
Writer of contemporary romance, Shae likes to write about real life love, the kind you might find down the street, the kind of love born from everyday moments.  
She currently lives outside Kansas City with a bearded man, a Pomeranian and a cat formally known as Tinker Bell Waffles. She loves rainy days, the month of February and the Kansas City Royals.

Twitter:    @shaescottwrites
IG: @shaescottauthor

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