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Title: His Assurance

Series: Assured Distraction, #3

Author: Thia Finn

Editor: Chelsea Kuhel with Madison Seidler Editing Services

Cover Model: Will Dixon

Cover Image: Reggie Deancing @ R + M Photography

Cover Design: Deranged Doctor Design  

Genre: Contemporary Rockstar Romance

Release Date: June 30th



One hot sizzling night with a beautiful woman in Paris! That’s

what Gunner Wallace, Assured Distractions’ drummer, wants to recreate when he finally

sees her again in Austin, TX. He plans to pick up exactly where they left off since he

hasn’t been able to stop thinking about that night.

Take your sister and friends to Austin to a music festival!

That’s Lola’s mother’s idea for celebrating Journey’s twenty­first

birthday. Now Lola's stuck babysitting five wild college girls for a week in Austin. The only

perk, the hot drummer Gunner Wallace. Lola never forgot the night they spent

together while he was on tour. Now what did she tell him while they were together? If only she

could remember.

Join Assured Distraction on their third adventure of Rock and Roll and



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Assure Her (Assured Distraction #1)


Chandler Chatam, fresh out of Juilliard, finds herself temporarily

playing with four hot rockers of Assured Distraction, an up­and­coming band, out on their first

big tour. She's lead a sheltered life of luxury and is determined to make the most of this tour as

part of the band until her world is suddenly turned upside down. Then more life­shattering news

alters the course she's set for herself.

Meeting Chandler at her audition for a temporary spot in

Assured Distraction, lead singer Keeton MacDonald flashes a panty­dropping smile knowing

that a woman is sure to wreak havoc on the bus for this bunch of guys looking to enjoy the

perks of life on the road as the rock stars they are.
Assured Distraction's tour is the

beginning of a raucous journey for them all that leads to fun days, exciting concerts, and hot


Not just a life on the bus story, but a story about living messy

lives in the real world.




His Distraction (Assured Distraction #2)


Assured Distraction is headed to Europe as the opening band for

Ryder Steel and it’s going to be epic!

Being on tour is amazing for this hot new alternative band, but

it’s not so great for relationships as Ryan lead guitarist for the band soon finds


Ryan has been working hard to make it big but his girlfriend wants 2.5


He wants his band to be on top. 

Peri has finally landed

her dream job as tour manager of Assured Distraction, life has never been better. 

When she heads out on tour with the band she isn’t looking for love, but when love

literally falls into her hotel room she embraces it.

With love though comes

complications that she must weave her way around or give it up.

But Peri has

never been a quitter, and this time is no exception.

Follow Assured

Distraction’s European tour that promises adrenaline pumping concerts and hot sexy





About the Author


Growing up in small town Texas, Thia Finn discovered life outside of it

by attending The University of Texas, only to return home and marry her high school

sweetheart. They raised two successful and beautiful daughters while she taught middle school

Language Arts and eventually became a middle school librarian. After thirty­four years, she

retired to do her favorite things, like travel, spend time off­roading with family and friends,

hanging out at the Frio River, reading, and writing.

She currently lives in the same

small town where she grew up, with her husband and the boss, Titan, the Chihuahua. She can

often be found stalking on social media, watching Outlanders, Vikings or Game of Thrones to

name a few on Netflix.


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