Monday, July 11, 2016

To delve into another’s mind is to revel in the depths of truth



Carnal #3

Reily Garrett

Releasing July 11th, 2016


delve into another’s mind is to revel in the depths of truth, cringe in the

face of past and imagined horrors, and suffer their dreams, all while searching

for balance and serenity.


is a mysterious, gentle, and loyal young woman harboring knowledge capable of

destroying millions. Thumbing her nose at fate, she hides in plain sight while

concealing her extraordinary talent, enduring isolation despite her fantasies

of a normal life.

 Marc, owner of the BDSM club, Ambrosia, is

determined to protect the elusive beauty stalked by a psychopathic killer.

Hidden underneath her vulnerability, he senses a courage and determination

forged from horrific circumstances. While adapting unique scenes to free her

from fear and low self-esteem, he strives to stay one step ahead of a branch of

the government answering to no one.


must rely on the other to survive a world where betrayal and deception, desire

and trust, weave a fabric that threatens their sanity.


Reily’s employment as an ICU nurse, private

investigator, and work in the military police has given her countless

experiences in a host of different environments to add a real world feel to her


Though her kids are her life, writing is Reily’s

life after. The one enjoyed…after the kids are in bed or after they’re in

school and the house is quiet. This is the time she kicks back with laptop and

lapdog to give her imagination free rein.

In life, hobbies can come and go according to

our physical abilities, but you can always enjoy a good book. Life isn’t

perfect, but our imaginations can be. Relax, whether it’s in front of a fire or

in your own personal dungeon. Take pleasure in a mental pause as you root for

your favorite hero/heroine and bask in their accomplishments, then share your

opinions of them over a coffee with your best friend (even if he’s four

legged). Life is short. Cherish your time

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