Friday, August 26, 2016

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The Promise
A promise made to comfort a patient on his deathbed sends the retired army officer Dr. Whitten M.D. on an excursion into the darkest worlds of pornography.

It was the doctor who made the promise but it is the man who must honor it. A God fearing gentle man, a family man, a widowed and lonely man deep in his middle years. Layer by layer his years fall away as love and fate, the promise and the affair draw him ever deeper until he once again feels like the elite soldier of his youth facing an evil more vile than any contested in open combat.

With a boot between his heart and the horror Carl Whitten honors his promise. Accompanied by a beautiful escapee from the realms of sex as cinema he learns the suffering on a battlefield barely compares to the misery found where love falls victim to lust, where lust turns to bloodlust for those who still know love.

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Is it possible for there to be a more compassionate voyeur than a true and genuine guardian angel?

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Dear Dr. Ranik:

I am writing to you because you helped my mother Mrs. Beverly Kendall and she speaks highly of you.

I am enclosing a copy of a document I stumbled across while on a friend’s computer. I opened the file because my name was part of the file name. When I first read the file I was quite disturbed and confused, which I'm sure you'll understand when you have read what I found. I have read it several times now, with my feelings under better control since I knew what to expect. The facts in the story do not contradict what little I know of Mother's early life and the dates would seem to be right. If you would be so kind, would you please read this and advise me on how I should proceed from here? Should I confront my parents with this, or seek counseling, or just file what I found as strange but maybe true and go on?

Yours truly,

Amber Lynn Kendall

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