Tuesday, August 23, 2016

They call me the bad boy of commercial real estate, but she isn't impressed.


Until a few days ago, I had the money, the looks, and the socialite fiancée that kept my life running on the straight and narrow path to a legacy of success. But when a lawsuit threatens everything I built and my fiancée dumps me the same day, I have to get away from it all.

A temporary job as a building superintendent in Brooklyn might seem like an unlikely gig, but when it leads me to connect with Molly, the building's newest tenant and a beautiful aspiring journalist, I realize this is where I really want to be. I just need to convince her that the worlds we are from are not as different as she thinks.

If she's anything like the other women I've been with, it shouldn't be too hard. I'm used to getting what I want. But it turns out that she's nothing like them.

They say he’s good with his hands, but that doesn’t mean I’ll give him my heart.


What was supposed to be a drink at a bar with my best friend to celebrate landing my dream job doesn't exactly go as planned. When I learn that the gorgeous, green-eyed hunk I can't stop staring at is the arrogant tabloid magnet Drew Anderson, I’m intrigued. But when he hits on me, I realize that I would never date someone so rich and cocky. He would never understand me.

Too bad I can't stop thinking about him.

Imagine my surprise when he shows up to fix a leaky sink in my apartment. It turns out that he looks as good down on the floor in a dirty old tee shirt as he does commanding a room in an expensive suit. I can't get him out of my head. But we are from different worlds, and I've been burned before.

**The Super is a full-length stand-alone novel featuring a dirty-talking alpha, a headstrong heroine, and a guaranteed HEA.

Gail's Review....
ARC given by Author in exchange for a honest review..
This is the Debut novel from this author I really enjoyed this book...  It was fun and fast paced..  I loved the banter between Molly and Drew.. and Molly's BFF was a hoot...
Drew and his equally hot brother are Big Time players in the Real-estate biz.. and are in the midst of a lawsuit from another company due to some property issues... and on top of it Drew's fiancée just dumped him..
Molly just landed a big job with a newspaper company.. Her and her BFF go out for drinks to celebrate..
In walks the hottie brothers.. and Drew spots Molly... there is something about her that he wants to more about.. of course Drew gets shot down.. Molly wants nothing to do with him... or does she..
Fast forward Drew wants to get out of town for a bit.. he goes to see his mom... well his mom has a new friend.. who owns a building in Brooklyn.. he needs some help with the building maintance... Drew offers to help..  Guess who lives in that building... MOLLY... hehe..   I would defiantly recommend this to whomever wants a fun fast paced book..
Job well done Anne... Look forward to more from you.. Gail with Night and Day Book Blog..  ndbbr2014.blogspot.com

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