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Title: Restoration
Series: Golden Beach #1
Author: Kim Loraine
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult 
 Release Date: April 6, 2015


After the tragic death of her fiancĂ©, Grace McConnell turns to the only remaining constant in her life, her work. So when she’s offered the lead position for an international restoration project, she jumps at the chance to get away from her small town, full of John’s memories.

Drew Tensley has always been a hard worker. Dedicated to his family and community, he put aside his own London career to take over the family business after his mother’s terminal diagnosis. Five years later, he’s ready to start living for himself when he literally runs into his hometown’s newest architect.

Grace quickly discovers that traveling half-way across the world was the best decision she’s ever made. Until she meets Drew, a man whose personality and lifestyle are the exact opposite of John’s, but whose face is the spitting image. Struggling with her own motivations and feelings, research uncovers secrets she isn’t ready for; secrets that could ruin her second chance for true love.

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Grace’s phone, practically an extra appendage by now, buzzed as she walked in to the grocery store. She perused the aisles—her focus drifting from her phone to the items in her small basket. She was so engrossed in her email, she didn't see the tall man in the aisle she was turning down. That is, until she collided with him. With a crash, his groceries fell to the floor, creating a disastrous mess of broken eggs, spilled milk, and loose tea.

"Oh, my God!” She bent down to try and salvage the dry groceries he'd had. “I am so sorry. I'm such an idiot. Are you all right?"

"It’s my fault, really. I should've been watching where you were going," he said, a smile in his voice.

"No, no. Let me pay for these," she insisted, still not looking at him. Her eyes were focused on the mess she’d made.

Long, thin fingers reached out to still her hands. "Please stop. It's quite all right. No harm done."

She looked up to protest and found herself staring into eyes a familiar shade of melted chocolate, framed by dark eyebrows raised in a quizzical expression. Her heart thumped in her chest and she almost forgot to breathe.


"Are you well? Miss?" the man asked.

"I ... I ... have to go," she stuttered the words, barely able to form a sentence. Heart racing, she turned and ran out of the store, leaving the man with no explanation and a mess on his hands.

Valerie was waiting for her on the porch when she arrived home.

"Did you see him?" Was all she asked.

"I saw him. I saw him at the airport and now the grocery store. I think I've lost my mind. "

"Who did you see?"


Valerie sat in shocked silence.

"Not only did I see him, I ran into him, literally. Broke his eggs and ran away." She felt herself spinning out of control.

"Grace." Valerie touched her arm.

Grace stood and shook her head. "I know it’s not him, but he looks ... Their eyes are exactly the same."

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Buy the ebook and add the audiobook for only $1.99


Buy the ebook and add the audiobook for only $1.99


Author Bio

Kim Loraine is the author of the “Golden Beach” series, including “Restoration” (2015) and “Renovation” (2015). She started writing at a young age, scribbling down song lyrics, short stories, and poems she was too afraid to share with anyone. Busy working as a music teacher in her Pacific Northwest hometown, it wasn’t until her family of four picked up everything and moved to beautiful Japan that she decided to finally take the plunge and send her characters out into the world.

The central theme in Kim’s books is self-discovery, whether that is found through taking risks, breaking down walls, or admitting mistakes. Kim likes to write characters that seem like someone you actually know, who find that life is a journey not without its challenges.

When not writing Kim spends her time with her husband, chasing around their crazy kids, exploring Japan, and binge-watching Doctor Who on Netflix.

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