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Winter Cortez is struggling to regain her life after a vicious assault almost four years ago.
Finally, she meets a man she feels she can trust.
But her attacker is still out there. And he is watching her every move.
Sam Mitchell, the former Military man, agrees to do a favor for his friend and teammate.
A favor which brings him face to face with a woman who brings out all of his protective instincts.
What happens when the woman you love is being watched by a man nobody can find?
Will Sam find him or lose Winter forever?


What have you done to Sam? He’s staring at you.” Nathan says, and I look back at Sammy and Nathan’s right he’s frozen to the spot staring at me with eyes narrowed. I burst out laughing.
I told him he wasn’t as funny as he thought.” Soph laughs with me, and I see Sammy start walking towards us, I scoot behind Sophia while laughing. I can’t help it the look on his face is precious. It’s almost as if he’s losing a limb he looks devastated. I’m only messing around with him, it’s too easy to wind him up. I hide behind Soph and cross my legs as I need to pee.
Sweets. Hiding behind Sophia isn’t going to save that pretty ass of yours.” Damn that man. I peek my head from behind Soph and see him staring at me, he has a smirk on his face.
You aren’t getting anywhere near my ass!” I feel Sophia’s body start shaking as she laughs at our antics.
Want to bet?” His tone is challenging, yet it’s playful.
Fine,” I say with a heavy sigh. I see his eyebrows shoot up, he’s shocked. Good.
You serious about that Winter?” he says in such a gravelly tone, the cheeky bastard trying to turn me on.
Oh yes, you play with my ass I play with yours, it’s only fair. I’ll get you your very own butt plug. You know we need to stretch you out.” I say with the sweetest voice I can muster. I hear spluttering coming from Luke, who up until now was scoffing his breakfast down. And Nathan and Sophia are laughing so hard that Soph is doubled over.

Deadly Hunt (Deadly Hunt #1) is also available


KL Humphreys was born in London, England but now lives in Ireland with the love of her life. In a way, the world has him to thank for her Debut Novel. After years of thinking about writing the story that had been dying to get out of her head, she finally confided in her other half. He gave her an enthusiastic "Go for It!" and she started writing it the very next day.
Miss Humphreys loves music, especially pop, R'n'B and rap and if she's writing you will find it playing somewhere nearby. She also loves all romance novels but of course, Romantic Suspense is her go to genre. When she isn't writing's a good bet she is curled up somewhere reading one. If she doesn't have a book in her hand, you might want to check to make sure she isn't sick. When not reading or writing, she loves to spend time with her loved ones especially while watching a football game (that's soccer for you Americans)... COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!
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