Friday, November 25, 2016


Title: Destroying the Game
Authors: L. Grubb & Abigail Davies
Cover Model: Lance Jones
Photographer: L J Photogtaphy
Cover Designer: Clarissa Wild –Booming Book Covers
Release Date: December 12th



I’m a woman of many talents and I use them well. I fuck ‘til my hearts

content and with whoever I want. Whore, slut… yeah, that’s me. But when you’ve

been through what I have? You’d understand. 

Being a senior at CSU isn’t exactly amazing, the

work is shit and the girls are bitchy. None of them know how to let loose, they

judge me, call me names and look at me like I’m worthless. At least I’m honest

about who I am, those girls are just like me, they just won’t admit it.

Back in my junior year I screwed with a football

player, a guy so hot that your panties combust with just one look from him. My

rule of never going back to the same guy twice stops me from entering that

territory again. Hey, not that I really want to. Me and Dante, we hate each

other. Some say we clash and are too much alike, others say we had a sour

relationship. Got to love the rumour mill, right? I hate him for trying to be

me; claiming to be the big player on campus but really he’s just a pawn in

mine. But that doesn’t stop my head and my body from wanting him, needing him.

Every woman wants him and I’m not completely immune, but I know the game and I

play it fucking well.

I’ll score more notches in my bed post than him,

I’ll be the one laughing when he falls from his high and mighty throne. But are

we a volcano ready to erupt? Are we really just two peas in the same pod? Are

we fucking other people to get each other out of our system? I’m not sure I

care; I just know I need distance from everything that’s Dante.

Author Bios:

L. Grubb:

Lucii is your typical British

girl, hates the sun and hibernates when summer arrives! She lives at home with

her 3 year old daughter, where they spend the day watching Frozen and playing


She started off as a regular

person, job, home life, health issues and a love of reading. After reading the

Fifty shade phenomenon, she went onto social media to seek other authors

writing the same or similar genres. She entered a world she didn’t know existed

and went on to open a successful blog.

Inspiring dreams took a back

burner while she learned the book community and met a bunch of amazing authors

and readers alike.

A year later she decided to

start writing, hoping against hope that her friends and fellow readers will like

what she brings to the table.

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Abigail Davies:

New Adult and Contemporary romance author Abigail Davies grew up with a

passion for words, story telling and anything pink. Dreaming up characters and

talking to them out loud is a daily occurrence for Abigail. She finds it

fascinating how a whole world can be built with words alone, and how everyone

reads a story differently. Now following her dreams of writing, Abigail has set

out on the crazy journey of being an author. When she’s not writing, she’s a

mother to two daughters, who she encourages to use their imagination, as she

believes that it’s a magical thing. Abigail loves to get lost in a good book

and is rarely far away from her kindle.

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