Monday, November 7, 2016

Hi Everyone..  Gail here..   I wanted to let you all know Marialee and I did a couple Q/A with some of those wonderful book models..  I have had a few of them get back to me..
First up we have...

 Nathan Hainline..
1. How did you get into Modeling?
It was very random actually.  I used to compete in bodybuilding, so of course I had to take a ton of progress pictures to show off the shreds to the world of Facebook ha. Which at the time I only had 800 Facebook friends, no Instagram, and no modeling page.  So I mixed my passion for photography and fitness to take my progress pictures in a creative way.  Well, last December an author saw one of photos on Facebook and contacted me requesting to use it as the cover of her book (“waiting for Him, by Dawn Stanton).  I was flattered and agreed of course, and that’s how I got my foot in the book communities doorJ Being welcomed into the book world has been such a blessing for me, and I’m so thankful for all of the kindness every one of ya’ll have showed me. Authors, readers, and bloggers I want you all to know ho much the continued support means to meJ Ya’ll really add a special quality to my life, and help me stay motivated.  So thank you!

2. What do you do in your “off time”?
Off time?? What the heck is that.. haha.  My days are so full that off time is rare.  I attend school fulltime (15 cr) as a Marketing major, I work full time for Avis/Budget Rental car, and I’m my own photographer for all the covers I’ve been on.  Any free time I get I’ll spend it doing something photography related though. I love expressing my creativity and learning new techniques.  Taking photos is something that can continue for a lifetime, and it can bring smiles to others, so I’ll always continue.

3. How many books have you been on? Do you have a favorite?
So far there are 13 books that have had cover reveals, but I have around 10 cover photos I’ve sold to authors for future releases, and then around 10 premades with me on them that have also been sold… So I’ve kind of lost track of the exact number, but including future releases probably around 30 books.  That’s a rough guess tho.  Pretty good for only modeling 11 months right? Ha.
I can’t pick a favorite because they’re all equally an honor to be on.

4. Do you prefer doing a Solo cover shoot or a cover shoot with someone else? Do you get nervous?
I defiantly prefer doing solo shoots.  Mainly because since I do my own photos I’m able to go at my own pace, or work as long as I need to.  I’ve never participated in a couples shoot that was taken by another photographer, so I don’t know which I’d like better.  The only time I’d modeled with someone else was when I had a girlfriend, I’d make her pose with me, but of course I wouldn’t be nervous in that situation.  I someday hope to get to do a couples shoot with another model and photog.

1. What is your favorite shoot that you have done and why?
The shoots that are my favorites are the ones that don’t have to be redone ha. The ones where I’m able to capture the authors vision on the first try.  I’ve had a few shoots where I’ve had to reshoot the same one 2-3 different times. I don’t mind it tho, and I never charge the author for the extra effort, because I want the author to have an image that they’re 100% happy with representing their hard work they’ve published.  So my favorite shoots are the ones that just flow smoothly with creativity, and produce a wide range of options for the author.

2. Do you read? If so, what is your favorite book that you can read over and over?
I should prob say yes…. BUT I’m too honest to lie to ya’ll ha.  I don’t read, I’m pretty sure I have undiagnosed ADHD; I was actually diagnosed with that as a child tho.  If I read it’s normally something no longer than a few pages.  I like to read informational articles on the topics of nutrition and photography.

3. Do you read the books that you are on the covers of?
I haven’t, I just can’t keep my attention for that long, and on top of that I’m a slow reader. Excuses, excuses… I know haha.

4. What was your first tattoo?
My first tattoo is a crown with my initials under it.  Its located on my right shoulder if you look closely at some of my photos you’ll be able to see it. I’ve gotten a few tattoos around it now that form my half sleeve.  I got that tattoo in 2008 during the first 2-day leave I had while at AIT (aka Army job training after basic). I still remember it was a place called “Big Daddy’s”.  It was right next to Ft. Knox, KY.  Now fast forward 8 years I’m covered in them, but I don’t think Ill be getting anymore.

 Thank you again Nathan for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this little Q/A.

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