Saturday, January 28, 2017

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Crank's Rescue is now #LIVE!
I need to forget our fling, but Sarah calls me when her life is in danger. I'll help her. But who will rescue me?


I can't get Sarah out of my mind. When she calls me, terrified for her life, there's no question. I'm there in a heartbeat.
The plan is to take care of her problem and walk away. I would destroy her. She's too good for an outlaw biker. Even if it kills me, I have to let her live the life she's supposed to have. Except I need her like I need air. I need forever with her. And I'm too much of a fucking coward to take it…

It was a quick fling for him, and I have to accept that. But when I'm in big trouble, who do I call? Crank. I don't know why, except he's the only one I ever felt truly safe with.
He comes to my rescue, and I fall even harder for him. He's so…Intense. Just as I start to believe we can make a real future, he grows cold and distant. Devastated, and with my life in chaos, all I can think is…Who will save me from Crank?

Can they rescue each other?
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Arc given of Crank... this was the first in this series for me... I really enjoyed it..  I just loved Crank & Sarah..   Crank & Sarah we're great together... her sweetness mixed with his stubbornness...
Sarah is a social worker who worked on a case that involved one of Cranks brothers.. Crank & Sarah had there Sarah is in some trouble and she needs help so she calls Crank...   I really loved how Crank took charge.. you know he fell for her but the way he was during part of the book I did want to junk punch him... but he totally redeemed himself...

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