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Kailee's new neighbors are just that. They are also hot, tattooed identical twins. Identical in almost every way. She knows she should fear them, but she can't.
Ryder is explosive, always fighting for what he wants. He fears nothing. Except for Kailee.

Jax uses his mind instead of his fists to get ahead. He takes what he wants. Kailee included.

Fists will fly.
Blood will be shed.
Lives will be changed forever.


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Gail's Review
*ARC given in exchange for a honest review *
I enjoyed thus one.. loved the premis of it... hot tatted twins... and a bit of dark mystery & criminal tendency's... it kept you on you toes..
Kailee was a young & innocent 17 yr old high school student... had a couple of the best friends a girl could need... her dad had some issues so she had to leave the life she was used to and move to a run down trailer park with "someone her dad new" that when she meets the Blackheart twins... Jax & Ryder..
Jax & Ryder Blackheart... identical twins in looks but complete opposite in all other aspects... both men used to getting what they want..
this book took me by surprise and I'm sooooooo glad Kailee ended up with the one I wanted.... I wish certain things would have ended different for some.... but it was still a amazing read..

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