Thursday, June 8, 2017



Cover Reveal for Besting Brady by Nicole Dykes & J.L. Leslie

Releasing this month!! Look for the ARC sign-up soon!

I have lived in Hollis my entire life. All of my memories are here. The good and the bad. I wouldn’t change anything about this town. My life is carefree and I live it without regrets. Sure, I’ve made mistakes…some of them I see every day…but I wouldn’t change those either. I’m just not meant to settle down. No woman will ever get the best of me. They’re just lucky to get part of me.

I don’t get the attraction about Hollis. Not at all…but it did bring Madden Steele here and his brothers followed suit. I at least have to give it a try…even if it’s temporary. The Steele brothers wouldn’t be here if it didn’t hold some attraction…and I can admit there’s definitely one good thing this town has going for it. For all I know, this town could change my life.
**Besting Brady is book two in the Hearts of Hollis series co-written by Nicole Dykes and J.L. Leslie. It is written as a stand-alone novel. It is not necessary to read book one. It contains adult content, language, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature readers only.**


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