Monday, August 7, 2017

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The full-length follow-up to Seth King’s bestselling novel Straight, featured in Buzzfeed, HuffPo, and other publications, with hundreds of five-star reviews…
★Synopsis: ★
Last fall Henry Morgan went from being “straight” to being…well, not-so-straight. He found love where he never expected – with another man – but how can he hold onto that love forever when he can’t even figure out his life today?
Almost a year after Henry Morgan first locked eyes with Ty Stanton and felt his world shift on its side, his life is in disarray for entirely different reasons. As if trying to establish a new reality and relationship with Ty wasn’t hard enough, Henry’s wealthy and connected father Jack has moved back to Savannah to run for governor in a special election – and now the media is looking hard into the life of Savannah’s new favorite son. Henry and Ty are still breathlessly in love (and in lust), but will that love be able to withstand the microscope of Jack Morgan possibly becoming the next governor of Georgia?
“Some people filter in and out of your life like oxygen, and some stand in the middle of the room and demand every ray of light in your space. Ty Stanton is the love of my life – he stole every bit of my sunlight. That is true today and it was true yesterday and it will be true long after we are both dead. But falling in love with him was only half the battle – now I have to figure out how to actually be with him a world that still tolerates LGBT+ people far more than it actually accepts them. How do I fit my love into my life when it is getting bigger and crazier and more complicated by the day?”
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