Thursday, August 31, 2017

Title: Hammered
Series: Red Velvet #4
Author: Leanore Elliott
Publisher: Butterfly Publishings
Genre: Western Romance
 Release Date: September 1, 2017


Returning back to Flatonia, Texas in Hammered … prepare to find out what it’s like to pick daises....   

Daisy Plush has run out of land to hide from Rand Monroe any longer. He has finally come to find
her all the way from Australia, and is the only man that ever touched her heart. Can she finally just accept the fact that he is the man for her?
Bren Plush has trouble handlin’ her man with both hands full. Things went from hot to scorching in a flat minute for Bren. Once Trevor got past the shy stage, he is now giving her more than just M&Ms.

Kanda Kincade realizes she finally has a beau, but can she keep him? She is at a loss when she realizes that Wade is prepared to stick around and then she finds out he is
really is a cowboy in more ways than one.

Travis Kincade (Trevor’s twin brother) finally resurfaces in this book, and he meets his match in Maggie
Monroe. He sets his eyes on having her for himself. But Maggie doesn’t trust the Playboy/Cowboy. She wants this hot cowboy sundae real bad, but dare she try a taste?

Hang on for a sexy, velvet ride…

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Author Bio

I write as the Wicked Muse, delivering hot, unique types of
romance. From Contemporary Erotica For Women and BBW Erotica, all the way to the Erotic Paranormal. I have also written in, edited and designed 18 Romance Anthology Collections.
On Amazon, we have given away 60,000 of her books in free promotion. Wicked Leanore has written 35 novels.Author of the Best Selling Velvet Series, Full of Hot
Cowboys and their Sassy Women...

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