Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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Friends with Benefits. Simple, right?

No strings.

No complications.

And definitely no pesky feelings.

On that, Morgan Yates and Luke Dallas agree. Until they don't.

Morgan makes the monumental mistake of falling in love with Luke and walking away may be the hardest thing she ever has to do. After all, she did move here to start living life on her terms, and to make a name for herself as a new Police Detective.

While Luke is too busy worrying about his past, she needs to start moving towards to her future.

Luke can deny it all he wants, but he knows Morgan is it for him. He also knows he screwed up big time by letting her walk away, but he’s too stubborn to let go of the past and see what is right in front of him. Doing whatever it takes to get her back may just be the bravest thing he ever does.

But when Luke's past catches up with him, will Morgan be the one who pays the ultimate price?

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