Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Marshall’s Courage by Barb Shuler is FREE
Feb 15-19th!!

A Rescue Series Novella; Book 1
Publish Date: August 26, 2017
Genre: Romantic Suspense

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Danger. Attraction. Bravery. One man’s journey to save the
woman he shouldn’t be falling for.

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Danger is a part of life, at least in my line of work. I serve. I protect. I take down the men and women that would endanger the innocent. My Marine training led me to believe this would be an easy job. It was until Elayna Hart was dropped in my lap. After that, it was all up in the air.

Danger struck, and I had no choice but to do whatever I could to keep her safe. The attraction between us made it harder to focus, until I did the only thing I could. I ran away with her. We were off the grid with only two others for back up. If anyone came after her, we’d die to protect her.


Life is full of challenges - ones I have been able to meet head on. My path was straight until him - then it went upside down. Now I’m on the run from a man that wants to do more than crush my heart. My only hope is that the men who have agreed to protect me can do just that.

** What Others are Saying **

This is a fast, fun read. You can't help but grow attached to "the boys!" The relationships in this novella become very well defined and makes you want more of their story. ~ Annamarie, Amazon Reviewer

This was a fast read so be careful how much you blink because you just may miss something. There were times where I couldn’t help myself – I had to shake my head and laugh. I know it must hurt but it was nice to know that there’s someone clumsier than me. They always say that it’s good to laugh at yourself but when you can laugh at someone else it helps to make you feel better. ~ Lynn, Amazon Reviewer

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