Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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TITLE: ‘Knights Who Stole My Heart’
(Westbrook Knights, 2)
AUTHOR: #SonyaJesus
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Amelia’s heart is torn between the new, the old and the familiar. But when her heart screams out what it wants, Amelia finally listens. It’s not always easy since a conflicted heart wants different things on different days, but she finds a way to work around her indecisiveness and focus on what she needs- what she thinks she can’t live without.

The closer Amelia gets to figuring out her love life, the more Hawk unravels. While he deals with loose ends and new threats, his strategic plans start to fall into place. Pawns advance, the King is in the ideal position and the Rook hosts the Mad Lib Pep Rally. What he doesn’t expect is for his Queen to be in danger and for another Knight to steal her heart.
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About the Author:
I’m just a regular girl who likes to write. Okay, I love to write. I always have. It’s just that, for a real long time I focused only on what I should be doing: getting my PhD in science. Then one day I decided I can do both, and that was a pretty fantastic day.
Since then, I have painted more, written more, opened up a makeup business all while still working on my PhD. No limits, no boundaries, just a sky full of possibilities as I hop around the clouds. Yes, I spend long hours, sometimes sleepless nights, but it’s worth it.
I truly believe in the happiness of fulfilling your dreams, and never giving up. So, here I am, loving every moment of it.

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