Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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Tiffany Black

Superstar Cooper Hall is returning home to Maine. At 28, he’s burnt out from booze, women, and the one thing he has loved the most in his life….music. His hope is that some time in the small town where he was raised will give him perspective, and maybe some direction. What he hadn’t anticipated was the one person who could change it all, coming home too.
Avery Cyr had been happy with her life as the lead accountant for a management company. She lived two hours from where she grew up, allowing her to visit when she wanted, but far enough for her to be independent of the family name. That was, until a phone call brought her back for an extended visit - and a reunion that could change everything she thought she knew.
Can Cooper overcome the hurdles that have sent him back to his home town? Will he move back permanently, or is the call of fame too strong?
Is Avery truly happy in the life she has made for herself, away from her family? Does her heart have the strength for another encounter with the man that stole it so long ago, or will this time be what breaks her for all other relationships?
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