Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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★✩★ BADWOLF ★✩★ & ★✩★ WILDMEN ★✩★




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This is no fairytale…

Once I fell in love with a gorgeous boy next door.

Years later, he’s back—a total hunk, hot as hell, and bad. So bad.

Rude. Arrogant. Hard.

And I’m dying for a taste.



Jarett was our neighbors’ adopted son.

Handsome, strong, quiet, he was my protector, and my friend.

Now he’s back, and he’s still gorgeous.

Tall, dark and s*xy. All man.

But he’s a bad guy, moving with a dangerous crowd.

So why do I keep winding up in his arms?

On his lap. In his bed.

I know better than this—I’m better than this. I should stop.

Only my heart tells me there’s good inside Jarett.

That I could save him.

Then again, what happens to gullible girls who climb into bed with the big
bad wolf...Right.

....This is a standalone, full-length romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger
or cheating. For a limited time, I have included a bonus novel. Enjoy

#AudioRelease #WildMen


Wild Men: Publisher's Pack: Wild Men, Book 2-3

Jo Raven (Author) Joe Arden (Narrator) Jacob Morgan (Narrator)



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Universal -


Undone, Book 2:

I don’t trust men. My ex cheated on me with my cousin. In our bed. And
Kaden, my boyfriend, well...I think he cheated on me, too. Confidence is a
fragile thing, and mine is already shattered. So I flew back to Chicago,
putting distance between us before Kaden could hurt me more.

I’ve sworn off men for good, focusing on my work and waiting for the pain
to fade. I’m over Kaden. Really, I swear. I don’t love him anymore. It’s
over. Only a miracle could throw us back together at this point...and who
believes in those, right?

Mancave, Book 3:

Two years ago, Octavia met her caveman, Matt Hansen, and fell in love.
Since then, life has found its rhythm and it’s a good one. Matt and his
brother Kaden have opened their own car repair shop - Mancave - and Octavia
is expecting her first child.

But not everything is perfect in paradise. Mary, Matt’s young daughter, has
started having nightmares, Octavia’s sister Gigi is having boy trouble, and
Merc, their brother, trouble with girls. Then Evan, Matt’s best buddy back
in Destiny, asks for help after an accident - and the trip turns
complicated when Octavia makes it her mission to locate and save her
half-brother Ross from himself. Octavia wants everyone around her to be
happy. Matt is determined to safeguard their family’s happy ending. One way
or another, love will find a way....

Note: Undone is a stand-alone novel, though it's recommended to listen to
at least Caveman (book 1) before listening to Mancave.

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