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Title: Fragments of Ash

(Inspired by "Cinderella")
Collection: A Modern Fairytale
Author: Katy Regnery
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 1, 2018


From New York Times bestselling author Katy
Regnery comes a dark and twisted retelling of the beloved fairytale,

My name
is Ashley Ellis…

I was
thirteen years old when my mother – retired supermodel, Tig – married Mosier
Răumann, who was twice her age and the head of the Răumann crime family.

When I
turned eighteen, my mother mysteriously died. Only then did I discover the dark
plans my stepfather had in store for me all along; the debauched “work” he
expected me to do.

With the
help of my godfather, Gus, I have escaped from Mosier’s clutches, but his twin
sons and henchmen have been tasked with hunting me down. And they will stop at
nothing to return my virgin body to their father

…dead or

Contemporary Romance. Due to profanity and very strong sexual content, this
book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**

Fragments of Ash is part of the ~a modern fairytale~ collection:
contemporary, standalone romances inspired by beloved fairy tales.

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All rights reserved.
Used with permission.

My mind
skitters to her face—her beautiful fucking face—and the way she stared at me
with those wide eyes and her lips lightly parted. Those lips. She has Angelina
Jolie lips. Scarlett Johanssen lips. Liv-fucking-Tyler from the “Crazy” video
lips. Except this chick doesn’t look like Liv. She’s got blonde hair and a
perfect pout like Alicia Silverstone. I remember the beginning of that video
when our girl, Alicia, climbs out a bathroom window in her Catholic school
uniform, her skirt riding up to show her black lace panties…and ahhh, yes, I
feel my cock twitch just picturing it.
Fuck my
Shit. Shit. Shit.
yeah, I was yelling at Jock, but she was standing behind him, and I didn’t miss
the tight lines of her teenaged body under a pair of new jeans and a
long-sleeved T-shirt. Her rounded tits strained just a little against the
fabric of her top. Not enough to be dirty. Just enough to hate her. Because no
guy alive—least of all me—has a right to want someone like her. Or sure, we can
want her, but we’ll never have her.
Not in a million years.
She looked to be about Noelle’s
age—somewhere between eighteen and twenty, and ridiculously young to suddenly
arrive alone in the middle of nowhere, put up in an old farmhouse by a couple
of aging queens.
How in the fuck is this her best option?
Who is she?
And what exactly is her deal?
I grimace
because the headlines of her story—the easy parts—start materializing as I
think about what I know about her. I didn’t do all that training for nothing.
Plus, I have good instincts. I could practically smell it on her—the fear, the
desperation, the way she wouldn’t meet me eyes except to insist that she was an
God, what a joke. If she’s an adult, I’m a
French poodle.
something occurs to me: it was Jock’s boyfriend, Gus, who gave away the most
important part of her story away.
She has nowhere else to go.
And then
something else occurs to me, and I wonder, Is
she in hiding?
girl—what’s her name? Amber? Audrey?—is in trouble. Big trouble. The kind of trouble that gets other people in hot
water when they were just trying to live their lives and mind their own
business. And she’s been dumped on my doorstep. Literally.

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Author Bio

York Times
and USA Today bestselling author Katy
started her writing career by enrolling in a
short story class in January 2012. One year later, she signed her first
contract, and Katy’s first novel was published in September 2013.

Forty books later, Katy claims authorship of
the multititled New York Times and USA Today bestselling
Blueberry Lane Series, which follows the English, Winslow, Rousseau, Story, and
Ambler families of Philadelphia; the six-book, bestselling ~a modern fairytale~
series; and several other stand-alone novels and novellas, including the
critically-acclaimed, 2018 RITA© nominated, USA Today bestselling
contemporary romance, Unloved, a love story.

Katy’s first modern fairytale romance, The
Vixen and the Vet
, was nominated for a RITA® in 2015 and won the 2015
Kindle Book Award for romance. Katy’s boxed set, The English Brothers Boxed
, Books #1–4, hit the USA Today bestseller list in 2015, and her
Christmas story, Marrying Mr. English, appeared on the list a week
later. In May 2016, Katy’s Blueberry Lane collection, The Winslow Brothers
Boxed Set
, Books #1–4, became a New York Times e-book bestseller.

Katy’s books are available in English, French,
German, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish.

Katy lives in the relative wilds of northern
Fairfield County, Connecticut, where her writing room looks out at the woods,
and her husband, two young children, two dogs, and one Blue Tonkinese kitten
create just enough cheerful chaos to remind her that the very best love stories
begin at home.

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