Friday, September 21, 2018

Title: Protect Me

Series: Spotlight Collection #2
Author: Cary Hart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 21, 2018


Who will you be when no one is watching... when the
lights go down?

I don’t know who I am anymore. It’s been so
long since I’ve been allowed to think for myself. And now that I can, all I can
think about is him. My protector. His massive build which should frighten me
but makes me feel safe. And his intense eyes that linger on me when he thinks
I’m not looking. But why would he want me? I’m broken.

I vowed never to get close to anyone again. Do
the job, get paid and survive. That’s all. Then she’s thrown into my life,
needing a place to hide. She thinks she’s damaged, but she just needs someone
to show her how strong she really is. Damn if I don’t want to be that man. But
I’ve got a past of my own, and no good deed goes unpunished.

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Shapiro -

She wraps
her arms around my neck and lets her body collapse against mine. Her front
sliding down. Her legs wrapping around my waist before she hits the floor.
 “I didn’t like you locking me in here.”
“I didn’t
like locking you in here either. I didn’t know what else to do. If you would
have left and something happened to you . . .”
“I wouldn’t
have left.”
I know
she’s drunk, but this conversation has sobered up fast.
“No.” She
nods slowly. A small grin creeps up on her face.
looking at me like this has me losing all resolve. It’s all I can do to keep
from slamming her against this wall, but she deserves better.
“Why don’t
we lock up and get you to bed.”
I reach to
pull her arms off and set her down, but she resists. For being drunk she sure
does have a lot of strength.
“Don’t put
me down. I’m dizzy.”
drunk, huh?”
“Drunk on
you.” She reaches up to tap my nose.
Okay so
maybe drunk Penny is kind of cute.
“Is that a
smile, Frances.”
I can’t
help it. This girl, she makes me feel things I have never wanted to feel
before. So I smile.
“There it
is.” She reaches between us to trace my lips with her finger.
I’m sure in
her head she is being soft and sensual, but in real life, she keeps jabbing her
finger against my teeth.
“Time to
lock the door.”
I walk us
over and prop her up against the wall with one knee as I free a hand to lock
“Oh!” Her
eyes go wide. “That feels so good.”
does?” I ask as I stretch up to slide the lock into place then set the alarm.
“This.” She
puts all her weight onto my leg and grinds.
Fuck Me!
You’re killing me.” I glance down and see Penny’s eyes hooded and filled
with lust. “I think it’s time I take you to bed.”
Remember that movie? Oh, what was it?” She taps my temple. I guess to help her think. “You know that one where they
sing that song about fire balls or balls of fire.”
“No clue.”
I bounce
her up to shift her weight. Wrong
move. With all her grinding I’m hard as a rock.
“Oh yes!”
she shouts as she flings her head back.
I lose
balance, and she slams it against the wall. “Ouch!”
“You okay?”
I snake my
arm up the base of her neck and into her hair. Massaging her scalp.
She leans
into my touch. Closing her eyes for a brief second before they spring open.
“Take me to
bed or lose me forever.”
I know it’s
a movie quote, but damn, don’t I want those words to mean something. Standing
there with her body wrapped around mine I would give anything to push her up
against that wall and take—
Her mouth
crushing to mine interrupts my thoughts. My mind is telling me to pull away but
my body is screaming for me to stay.
Kissing her
back? Nothing good could come from it. My guard would drop, and she would
become even more vulnerable. I can’t do that.
Penny moans my name against my lips. Begging me to kiss her back the way she is
kissing me.
I can’t. I won’t.
I try to
keep repeating those words in my head.
“Fuck,” I
I don’t
know what comes over me, in that brief moment, but the tension that had been
building since I met her became unbearable. I had to let go.
her cheeks, I took control of the kiss. Owning it. Fusing our mouths together
while our tongues intertwine I turn her around and pin her against the wall.
Her body
stiffens, and I freeze.
“No. It’s
totally me.” She breathes out an excuse. “I just . . . I don’t know. I guess I
. . .”
“Let’s go
to bed.” I swing her legs around and hold her in my arms.
“Ohh!” She
She’s so
“I’m a
princess.” Her smile crooked, yet bright.
I kissed a
drunk girl breathless. Great. Maybe she will be so out of it she doesn’t
“Yes, you are.”
I agree as we walk into the bedroom and I lay her down gently. The mattress
barely dipping. “Here, lift up.”
Ohhhhh,” she coos staring at me with her doe eyes.
I know what
she wants, but it can’t happen. The kiss was a mistake. Maybe if it happened
another time. After this was all over with it could be more, but right now. It
just can’t be.
Yanking the
covers down, I let her get adjusted before I pull them back up.
“Get some
“I don’t
want rest. I just want you.” She untucks her arms and makes grabby hands like
you see in those memes.
Shaking my
head. “You are something else. You know it?”
“I know
it.” Her smile sleepy.
“Night.” I
turn to leave the bedroom to get as much distance between us as possible, but
Penny? She has other thoughts.
“You didn’t
tuck me in. Tuck me in, Shapiro. Tuck me in
good.” Penny turns over onto her side, throwing the covers off.
“What are
you doing to me?” I moan, rubbing my face.
I swear
this girl is going to be the death of me.
“Don’t make
me beg,” she whines.
Closing the
distance, I reach for the blankets and pull them up as I go. Tucking them under
her chin. Stepping back, I admire her from a distance.
Distance is safe. It’s needed.
“You sure?”

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