Monday, October 29, 2018

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☠️Faithfully Devoted☠️
By: Liberty Parker

Photographer: Kruse Images & Photography: Models & Boudoir
Model: Scotty B

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I grew up knowing I would have an arranged marriage. When my father decides that it will be to a member of the Rage Ryders Motorcycle Club to further his connections, my prayer is that we can get along.
When I meet him for the first time at the altar, I'm captivated. Tying myself to a man that I've only just met seems like something out of a book, but here I am.


The club has been everything to me since I first joined out of high school. I'll do anything my President asks, but when he tells me I need to marry someone sight unseen, I question my blinding loyalty for the first time.
Until I see her. Something about her calls to me, despite my screwed-up past. Despite the man I am now as a member of the Rage Ryders.
She is mine.

Lizzie and Justice start out as a marriage of convenience, one that will help the Rage Ryders and also Lizzie's father. Can Lizzie rise above her past? Will Justice keep her at a distance because of how he grew up? It's time to ride again with the Rage Ryders and see if they'll become faithfully devoted.

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